Man Electrocuted in Goleta

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Update by Edhat Staff
5:58 pm, June 1, 2017

At 1:09 pm Thursday, Santa Barbara County Fire Department along with AMR responded to a traumatic injury call at 7171 South Los Carneros for a possible burn victim. 

When units arrived they found a 34-year-old male with complaints of second and third-degree burns. He was an outside electrical contractor installing a security camera for APeel Science and was severely electrocuted while drilling into the electrical vault. The victim was treated at the scene and transported via ground ambulance to Cottage Hospital, reports SBC Fire Captain Dave Zaniboni. 

CalOSHA has been notified of this industrial injury and will be investigating the cause of this incident.

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
3:30 pm, June 1, 2017

Report of a subject with electrical or chemical burns and a structure fire at 71 South Los Carneros. The call went out as a person on fire and now a structure fire at Argon Science.

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Roger Jun 01, 2017 01:36 PM
Man Electrocuted in Goleta

This was reported as a person on fire at 71 South Patterson Electrical fire but might be chemical involved heard someone say they were 3rd degree burns...The Structure was also on fire but it was a small structure fire from what I have gathered...There was a full County Fire response for a Structure Fire....I do not know the condition of the victim nor the circumstances of the fire at this time...

Roger Jun 01, 2017 01:40 PM
Man Electrocuted in Goleta

Heard some one ask the name of the company and the answer was Argon Sciences Patterson self storage is also listed at that address...

Roger Jun 01, 2017 01:47 PM
Man Electrocuted in Goleta

71 South Los Carneros not Patterson sorry someone must have dosed the cabbage rolls...

Roger Jun 01, 2017 06:28 PM
Man Electrocuted in Goleta

Poor guy was on fire I will be praying for him I hope he pulls through.

bs61 Jun 02, 2017 10:48 PM
Man Electrocuted in Goleta

I hate when that happens. That also happened to a friend of mine working on a launch pad at Vandenberg .

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