Man Arrested for Theft in Evacuated Area

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Source: County of Santa Barbara

The Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents in the event that they are asked to evacuate that they make sure to secure the property they leave behind and unplug unneeded electrical devices.

The Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspect [Monday] who reportedly entered the mandatory evacuation area and attempted to steal a bicycle from a hotel. Firefighters noticed the theft occurring and contacted the suspect, who fled.He was ultimately arrested by Sheriff’s deputies and was determined to be in possession of burglary tools and under the influence of narcotics. 

While Sheriff’s deputies are patrolling evacuation areas, they are requesting that residents remain vigilant about reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately.

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blazer Dec 13, 2017 04:11 PM
Man Arrested for Theft in Evacuated Area

I think stealing a bike is a big enough deal to rate it as Reprehensible. Sort of depends on the bike, I have some bikes I would give away and others I would kneecap you for stealing.

a-1539993045 Dec 13, 2017 08:51 AM
Man Arrested for Theft in Evacuated Area

Reprehensible! OMG, there's a special place in hell for.... Really, maybe stealing a bike while drugged is hardly the worst of the worst.

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