Mail Delivered to Mandatory Evacuation Areas

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By an edhat reader

If you're in zip code 93105 and still under mandatory evacuation orders, the US Postal Service ok'd mail delivery to your residence.

After standing in line at the post office for 45 minutes yesterday, intending to pick up my mail, I was informed that my mail was out for delivery. In complete disbelief, I told the postmaster that we are still under mandatory evacuation with NO access to our houses, plus we're expecting a big wind event tonight, so now the fire could quite possibly incinerate our mail.

I was able to go to the Sheriff outpost in the Sear's parking lot at La Cumbre Plaza and get a Sheriff's escort to retrieve my mail. You may want to do the same and share this info with affected friends and neighbors.

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smary Dec 22, 2017 02:17 PM
Mail Delivered to Mandatory Evacuation Areas

I thought it was a terrible decision! Having experienced mail theft including a check cashed by thieves, I had evacuated to pismo beach upon receiving notice of voluntary evacuation, (within a mile of mandatory) and placed a stop on my mail until the 19th. I couldn't extend the stop until the 20th, and upon reading mail would NOT be delivered to mandatory evacuation zones, (which we were then in) I took no further action. So to have a 10 days worth of mail dumped in my box without notice and against stated post office policy???? Especially this time of year when Christmas and year end checks are mailed, packages delivered? It absolutely complicated and added unnecessary stress to our situation. I was both furious and in disbelief.

a-1544394208 Dec 21, 2017 10:26 AM
Mail Delivered to Mandatory Evacuation Areas

Another complaint. Why so much criticism and so little thanks for the work of civil servants? Smile and say "I'm lucky to not have lost my home and my life."

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