Lucidity Deja Vu Mini-Festival!

Lucidity Deja Vu Mini-Festival! title=
Lucidity Deja Vu Mini-Festival!
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Each spring, the Lucidity Festival offers a small taste of Burning Man in our own backyard at Live Oak Campground. We just had an extra mini-Lucidity festival called Deja Vu.

Here are my videos and photos from the first day. After that, unfortunately, my Sony RX10 camera completely lost its mind.

Deja Vu was a weekend of playing a game. Each of us was assigned a role to play. In my case it was to be an "Angry Sorcerer with a Pet Lizard". I shortened this to be a Wizard with a Lizard. My wife Merlie was a "Loving Fortune Teller with an Important Book". Here we are in character

Nicky LaFleur was one of the event organizers and here she is checking out my Lizard

Here were others with a Lizard

Most of the first day was just setting up camp and hanging out.

This guy was playing with his drone

These guys juggled

These women did something similar

"Pan" camped next to us with her group Gamelan X, from the Bay Area

They also set up a set of tuned gong panels to play with

Kaptain Konstruct had a food booth with attentive servers and appreciative customers

There was an Art Temple where people could create art

This Lucid explorer used it as a place to relax

There were other art pieces and structures, though much fewer than at the usual Lucidity events

This guy had a dragonfly bicycle

The dry Santa Ynez river bed was a backdrop

And we never forgot we were in nature with visits by deer

and this roaming tarantula who was happy to walk onto my hand

The Pyro Bar was visiting from Burning Man as seen behind these performers


Dogs are strictly forbidden, so these are not dogs

Of course, there was DJ music

As it began to get dark, people gathered for the Opening Ceremony

Which began with a Monkey Chant



Next came the Deja Voodoo play which showed a couple going to a carnival and having each scene repeated three times. Deja Vu with each repeat having variations of characters and actions

We learn that a witch has cast a spell to make this happen

It was meant as a way to get people to pay more attention to what is going on around them




After the performance, the game began. Each player went to the Oracle tent

We each got our fortune told and we were assigned to one of many tribes. Each tribe member had until the next afternoon to find their other tribe members. And to put on a short performance to display the concept of Deja Vu. I had the brilliant idea that Deja Vu often is experienced as having an experience and realizing it was something you dreamed the night before. Guess what? Almost every other tribe had a similar idea!

The winning tribe won a vacation trip to the Channel Islands on the catamaran Pendragon.

Here are a few more photos of people

It was all a good chance to dress up for Halloween!







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Flicka Nov 05, 2017 12:50 PM
Lucidity Deja Vu Mini-Festival!

You sure have a Beautiful Fortune Teller with you! From all these wonderful, colorful photos I'm guessing everyone had a groovy time. Thanks for sharing.

sbrobert Nov 07, 2017 10:47 PM
Lucidity Deja Vu Mini-Festival!

Thank you for the kind words JQB and Flicka. Yes, as the 7:53 post on 11/5 noted, this was just a small add-on event. Lucidity people say there will be more of these small events.

Best wishes,

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