Low-Risk Businesses Now Open for Curbside Service

Low-Risk Businesses Now Open for Curbside Service title=
Low-Risk Businesses Now Open for Curbside Service
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By edhat staff
Low-risk businesses are open for curbside pickup under the Governor's orders as well as some community pools and graduation services.
A limited number of businesses were encouraged to open Friday with the appropriate safeguards including: 
• Antique Stores
• Book Stores
• Clothing Stores
• Florists
• Home and Furnishing Stores
• Jewelry Stores
• Music Stores
• Shoe Stores
• Sporting Goods Stores
• Toy Stores

The Public Health Department (PHD) states these businesses are able to open for curbside pick-up only and must maintain physical distancing protocols for staff and customers. Supply chains supporting these businesses, in manufacturing and logistical sectors may also reopen while adhering to the physical distancing guidelines.

PHD issued another Health Officer Order regarding the reopening of such businesses as well as clarifying outdoor pool use, tennis courts, and graduations.

The Social Distancing Protocol provides guidance and resources for businesses falling in this Phase 2 Category. Low-risk businesses shall inform all employees and public that they should: avoid entering the facility if they have a cough or fever; maintain a minimum six-foot distance from one another; sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue or, if not available, into one’s elbow; and not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact. Exception is permitted when closer contact is required for fire, law enforcement, first responders, childcare, adult or senior care, care to individuals with special needs, and patient care.

Outdoors Only Multi-Unit Housing Pool Guidance: 

  • Public pools and spas located outdoors, including those in a home owner’s association (HOA), apartment complex, hotel, motel, country or private club, county or city pool, and gym or fitness club may allow individuals of one household at a time, limited to six individuals from the single living unit, to swim, or to use the deck area and pool restrooms and showers.
  • A community center, gym, or fitness club with a pool or spa must keep all other areas closed.
  • Medical or therapy pools that provide medically prescribed supervised therapy may continue to operate.
  • Public and semi-public pools and spas located indoors must remain closed.


Tennis and/or Pickleball Outdoors Only: Outdoor public and private tennis and pickleball courts may operate, with social distancing requirements and the additional protocols.

Graduations: public and private distance learning and/or administration only

  • Graduations may be provided through streaming or other technology; or outdoor, in-person if all of the following protocols are followed:
  • No more than five persons at a time, may enter nearby buildings to put on the presentation.

·Protection against COVID-19:

  • Vulnerable individuals, those with symptoms of COVID-19, and anyone with exposure to a COVID-19 case should not attend.
  • Sharing or exchanging materials such as diplomas, awards, medals, graduation caps, "sign-in" practices, gifts, flowers.


More guidance and the full Health Officer Order can be viewed here: https://publichealthsbc.org/health-officer-orders/

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Xantus May 09, 2020 10:05 AM
Low-Risk Businesses Now Open for Curbside Service

"open" for "curbside pickup and delivery only"... wow, what a contradiction. Who is going to go shopping locally for clothes that they can't try on? Antiques they can't even look at? ESPECIALLY when almost every store has instituted a "no returns due to covid concerns" policy. This is a real mess. way to make it as hard as possible on the small businesses. I swear to god, Admins, if you delete this, you have no soul.

LCP112233 May 09, 2020 10:51 AM
Low-Risk Businesses Now Open for Curbside Service

Most of these types of store already have been open for curb side pickup. This phase 2 is a sham. Lets move on to phase 3 already. We know how to keep ourselves and others safe, this has been a very learning experience.

ChemicalSuperFreak May 09, 2020 03:08 PM
Low-Risk Businesses Now Open for Curbside Service

How many of these local businesses have an online storefront so that customers can browse the inventory, select an item, pay for it, and then be issued a pick-up time. All of this works for large businesses, like Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples and REI, but small businesses don't operate like that. The time and expense required for them to catch up to this technology hardly seems worth the effort, particularly since they're already hemorrhaging money. Might as well wait for the next phase.

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