Los Niños de las Flores Day of Service

Los Niños de las Flores Day of Service title=
Photo: Fritz Olenberger
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By Fritz Olenberger

The photo shows one of Fiesta's Los Niños de las Flores (formerly "Flower Girls") greeting a resident of Gran Vida Senior Living facility in Carpenteria during this week's Day of Service. 

Covid restrictions required the wearing of masks and prohibited entry into the facility, but the emotional exchange is evident in the eyes of these pretty ladies.

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ChemicalSuperFreak Aug 08, 2020 04:50 PM
Los Niños de las Flores Day of Service

It seems this exchange was well received. My parents went to visit a lifelong friend of theirs, age 95, who is in a living facility and has been effectively in isolation since the lockdown. Tears were shed though a plate glass window as their friend became highly emotional and pleaded with the staff to be allowed to receive a hug. It was so upsetting to everyone that my mother wondered if they should have even made the effort. My parent's friend served in and survived WWII, and probably a lot of other hardships though life. To then spend your remaining precious moments behind glass, denied of human touch, is just sad.

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