Lorenzana Adobe History?

Lorenzana Adobe in downtown Santa Barbara circa 1870 (Credit: Edson Smith Photo Collection / Santa Barbara Public Library)

I found this historic photo through the Santa Barbara Public Library and am curious if our edhat historians have any information.

The image was supposedly captured in the 1870s and the description is: “Lorenzana Adobe, corner of West Canon Perdido & Chapala Streets. Fronted on Chapala Street, built by Abadie Brothers in 1850’s, was a commercial store. Edson Smith Photo Collection no. 15”

Looking through the public library photo collection there are other photos labeled the “Lorenzana Adobe” located in the 900 block of State Street and another one between De La Guerra and Ortega Streets.

The only thing I could find was a listing in 1912 for a restaurant owned by Lucien Abadie at 624 State St.

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