Lompoc Police Department Announces Update to Concealed Carry Weapon Policy

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By Chief Mariani of the Lompoc Police Department

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen that New York’s equivalent to California’s “good cause” requirement to obtain public carry license was unconstitutional and unenforeceable. However, the court also stated that it is constitutional for states to require a license to carry a firearm in public. Aside from the good cause requirement, all other requirements to obtain a carry license remain constitutional and enforceable. 

Given this court decision, the Lompoc Police Department revised its policy for issuing concealed carry permits. In revising this policy, the main objective was to implement a policy that first and foremost was compliant with the new legal mandate. Extensive research and review of several proposed policies was conducted by the Chief of Police and Administrative Staff. Upon completing a proposed draft of the new policy, the document was submitted to the Lompoc City Attorney for review, input and approval. The new Concealed Carry Policy (CCW) has been posted on the Department’s website for easy access for the public. Additionally, a copy of the new Department of Justice CCW permit application is also included for use by prospective applicants. 

Lastly, it is important to emphasize that a CCW permit is a privilege and not a right and the Lompoc Police Department will remain committed to ensuring that permits will be issued in accordance with our policy and the law. The new policy is now available for the public. 

Thank you for your patience during the revision phase! 

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sacjon Aug 30, 2022 02:40 PM
Lompoc Police Department Announces Update to Concealed Carry Weapon Policy

CONSERVATIVE - defend themselves against what? Stray bullets from drive-bys? The shootings in Lompoc (like most places) are gang related. There are no mass shootings happening up there, at least that I've heard of. Ordinary citizens don't need guns to protect themselves from gangs because they're not targets, they need the COPS to do their job and get the thugs off the streets to make the town safe. I'll admit, ultra-liberal policies are keeping killers on the streets. Time to lock them up.

edney Aug 28, 2022 12:12 PM
Lompoc Police Department Announces Update to Concealed Carry Weapon Policy

Group #1 The easiest way to get a % of guns off the streets of Lompoc was to deny the well trained, law abiding gun owners the right to carry.

Group #2 The dangerous, untrained, criminal militias will continue to carry concealed weapons illegally and use them illegally. These types of militias use concealed carry guns for safety and for intimidation while conducting their daily job of illegal militia activities.

Group #3. The untrained gun owners who are in compliance with gun laws, registration that should not be allowed to conceal carry

The first group is easiet to target because it is compliant with licensing, registration, and CCW laws, but the second group is where nearly all the gun violence originates.
My opinion is that taking all guns from Group #1 would result in a slight barely noticeable drop in overall gun violence, but will concede that suicide - which is included in most gun violence stats- would drop.

Group #2 is far and away the largest cause of homicides, mass shootings (by definition, more than 2), attempted homicides, brandishing, discharging weapons dangerously, using firearms in robbery, burglary

Group #3 would have impact on gun violence stats again in suicide, domestic violence and mass shootings. Suicide by gun in this group would lead their stats. This group is responsible for mass shootings that are horrific, but overall, much much less than the average 104 Friday and Saturday night a week mass shootings by Group #2

I think that the laws should require something like a "smog check" every 5 years. You make an appointment take a firearm to a range or facility, demonstrate safe handling etc. and get signed off as safe.

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