Lompoc Man Dies in Traffic Collision on Highway 246 in Lompoc, CHP Updates Crash Sequence

Fatal traffic collision near Lompoc on February 11, 2024 (Photo: Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

The below article has been updated with new information provided by the California Highway Patrol

Update by the edhat staff
February 14, 2024

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has updated its previously released information on the fatal traffic collision that took place at 3:36 p.m. in Lompoc on Sunday.

CHP states Nils Gustavson, a 44-year-old male from Lompoc, was driving a 1997 SAAB 4-door sedan westbound on SR-246, west of Mission Gate Road, at an unknown rate of speed.

A 28-year-old Solvang man, now identified as Dillon Carter Sederland, was driving eastbound in a 2023 Chevy pickup truck at approximately 50 mph.

“For an unknown reason, the driver of the 2023 [Chevy] crossed over the solid double yellow lines from the eastbound lane into the westbound lane,” reports the CHP.

Originally, the CHP stated it was the SAAB that crossed into the other lane but that has since been reversed due to follow-up information from the public and additional witness statements.

The Chevy continued eastbound until the front of the truck crashed head-on into the front of the SAAB.

The SAAB continued forward in a westerly direction and came to a rest on its wheels, partially in the roadway and the shoulder while the Chevy continued forward in an easterly direction and proceeded to spin in a counterclockwise motion, per CHP.

The driver of the SAAB, Gustavson, was declared deceased by emergency responders on the scene.

The driver of the Chevy self-extricated from the vehicle and was transported to Lompoc Medical Center with major injuries.

A section of SR-246 was closed for a period of time while the California Highway Patrol investigated the scene.

CHP is investigating this collision and is asking anyone with information regarding the crash to call 805-688-5551.

[Editor’s Note: This update has been corrected to include new information from the California Highway Patrol. A previous version of the article stated the driver of the SAAB crossed over the yellow lines, which the CHP has corrected.]

Reported by Bob on the Scanner
February 11, 2024

3:38 p.m., traffic collision on SR-246 at Mission Gate Road in Lompoc, near the La Purisima Mission.

CHP states a head-on traffic collision with one reporting party witnessing a Toyota Tacoma drifting prior to hitting the other vehicle.

Caltrans has requested a hard closure of SR-246 between Sweeney and Mission Gate Road.

Injuries reported, unsure of the extent, could be fatal.

Reported by an edhat reader

From the scanner, 246 at Mission Gate. Head on grey Chevy versus black Audi. Hard closure and caller said “blood everywhere”

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  1. Drifting sounds like he was texting. He survives and a completely innocent woman dies. One the 101, we had an enormous cement truck with the mixer rolling come into our lane just ahead of us and then correct. AS we passed , the driver was looking down texting!!!!

  2. The problem on our roads IS distracted driving- I wish CHP would actually investigate the party(s) involved phone history to confirm or deny and publish the results to the general public, but the Cell Phone lobbists don’t allow it… In Canada, all cell records are investigated with all traffic incidents…

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