Lompoc Man Charged with Attempted Murder for Setting Father on Fire

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Source: Lompoc Police Department

Press Release Date : 06/11/2022 3:58 PM
Location : 200 Block North D Street
Crime/Offense :Attempt Murder / False Imprisonment / Criminal Threats / Assault with a Deadly Weapon / Mayhem / Elder Abuse / Animal Cruelty 664/187(a) PC, 236 PC, 368(a) PC, 422 PC, 245(a)(1) PC, 597(a) and 203 PC.
Suspect(s) : Joe Garcia Jr. (40 year old Lompoc resident)

On 6/11/22 at about 3:30 pm, officers received a 911 call stating there was a son and father fighting inside of the residence in the 200 block of North D St. As officers were responding, a second 911 call came in stating the father who was inside of the residence was being beat. Officer made contact with a subject, later identified as Joe García Jr and was asked to open the door so we can check on his father. Joe did not comply and the door was forced opened. Upon forcing the door, we immediately saw the father was set on fire and was actively burning. The father was placed on the ground and the fire was extinguished and Joe was taken into custody. The father sustained third degree burns and was airlifted to Cottage Hospital and later to a burn center. Joe was booked for the above charges.  The case is still under investigation.

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haskelslocal Jun 13, 2022 07:28 AM
Lompoc Man Charged with Attempted Murder for Setting Father on Fire

So society believes death penalties are not the answer. Leaving us with what, locking them up? Where? Together and merged with petty thieves and notorious clowns in criminal populations that just sit and fester? That then have a revolving door where influenced participants eventually hit the streets with their new found psychological displacement? Are they even called correctional facilities anymore? Or are we just housing them in the junk yard of society and sweeping it all under the rug in an attempt to ignore. We've all read the story here. This is clearly disturbing and with more detail perhaps factually insane. Sorry folks but we're beyond money being the answer for more services that are layered on top of the fractured system that's a patchwork of incompetency. This problem is systemic. It is either time to rebuild entirely or watch it all crumble.

a-1655277483 Jun 15, 2022 12:18 AM
Lompoc Man Charged with Attempted Murder for Setting Father on Fire

It is.
"Garcia has been an outspoken advocate for cannabis coming to Lompoc, often speaking at public meetings while wearing a cap with a marijuana leaf."

LCP112233 Jun 14, 2022 09:25 AM
Lompoc Man Charged with Attempted Murder for Setting Father on Fire

Sorry I missed your comment Sac. I wasn't "hiding out". Just simply don't hang out on Edhat all day arguing with people. I read the news, and sometimes make a comment. I did not know this was a "debate" forum with which I have to site sources and what not for my opinion. By not "engaging" with me you would be doing me a favor.

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