Lompoc Man Arrested for Warrant and Weapons Violations

Lompoc man arrested for weapons and warrants on May 29, 2024 (Photo: Lompoc Police Department)

Case# : 2404-1918
Press Release Date : 05/29/2024 8:19 PM
Location : Lompoc
Suspect(s) : Luis Armando Vela,  34yro

On 05/29/2024 at approximately 1515 hours, LPD Detectives located Lompoc resident Luis Armando Vela and took him into custody for an outstanding warrant for weapons violations.

LPD Detectives authored a search and arrest warrant for Vela for his connection with a shooting that occurred in mid-April of this year.

Detectives served the search warrant and located a sawed-off shotgun, a rifle, a homemade firearm known as a “zip gun” and numerous rounds of ammunition.

Vela Estrada was taken into custody for the warrants and also charged with 33215 PC (Possession of a sawed-off shotgun) and 33600 PC (possession of a zip gun).


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    • As someone who was arrested by LPD back in 2020 at their home and charged with half a dozen gun felonies including possession of 2 stolen firearms plus a bump stock (ONLY for once the courts opened back up again due to Covid to ultimately get convicted of one single felony which was possession of a loaded shotgun while under the influence of meth in a plea deal for 2 years probation which I successfully terminated without a single issue) I had to make an account here JUST to make SURE that you hear from me since you love pointing fingers and clearly have a bloodthirst for draconian law and order. I no longer live in California let alone Lompoc so I get the frustrations with the lenient justice systems which have allowed anarchy to run around in the criminal’s favor BUT are you aware that you are basically calling for the mass incarceration of citizens who decide to bear arms simply because YOU thought you could tell them that they couldn’t? I’m not even defending this douchebag either, he did a shooting with said guns which is why he’s at where he’s at. If simply possession of said tools bothers you so much then I suggest you go on a walk up north to Canada baby because this is America 🇺🇸 which is the land of the free and home of the brave directly BECAUSE of the patriots who didn’t run away to other nations but rather chose to stay and fight!!

      • MIGUEL – If you have an unlawful gun (not registered, banned, you’re a felon, etc), then the laws apply to you. As an American, you’re not above the law. Don’t like? See ya later.

        And “bloodthirst for draconian law and order”?” – LOL pretty clear you’ve never read any of my comments.

        Listen, I’m not calling for guns to be outlawed, never have. I’m calling for the existing gun laws to be fully enforced so we make an effort to keep guns out of the hands of guys like this AND YOU. You sir, should NOT have a gun.

        “directly BECAUSE of the patriots who didn’t run away to other nations but rather chose to stay and fight!!” – don’t worry, the military should still have guns, but you ain’t the military….. thank God.

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