Local Students Win Awards at Film Festival

Local Students Win Awards at Film Festival title=
Local Students Win Awards at Film Festival
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Santiago Bailey-Musacchio, Spike Miller, Stephanie Foster, and Aashka Pandya (Photo: Fritz Olenberger)

By edhat staff

The 34h annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival ended on Saturday with a closing night film and awards for local student filmmakers. 

The 10–10–10 (ten writers, ten directors, ten films) Student Screenwriting and Filmmaking Mentorship and Competition began in 2004 as a way to offer aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers the expertise of respected and successful industry professionals. Those professionals, over a span of several months before the festival, lead and mentor each of the 10 film crews through all stages of planning and production. Mentors provide feedback on a rough cut of the film, then filmmakers submit the final version for the competition. One judging panel scores the screenplays and selects a high school and college winner. Another judging panel screens the films privately before scoring them and selecting a high school and college winner.

Before the festival's closing night film, all of the student films were shown during a free screening at the Arlington Theatre with an awards ceremony that followed to honor the achievements of the screenwriters and filmmakers. The event was sponsored by Final Draft Inc. and generously supported by Mary Beth Riordan.


Below are the following winners:

High School SCREENWRITING Competition: Spike Miller, Script: “Test of the Dead”

College SCREENWRITING Competition: Aashka Pandya, Script: “The Quarter Life Crisis”

High School FILMMAKING Competition: Santiago Bailey-Musacchio, Film: Object Permanence

College FILMMAKING Competition: Stephanie Foster, Film: Here to Help

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