Local Radio Station Owner Dies Paragliding

Local Radio Station Owner Dies Paragliding title=
Shawn Knight (Photo: KUHL)
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By an edhat reader

The owner of three local radio stations passed away last week in a paragliding accident.

Shawn Knight crashed on Wednesday, June 15, while paragliding in Ventura County.

Knight founded Knight Broadcasting which owns country radio station KRAZ-FM Santa Ynez, soft rock KSYV-FM in Solvang, and News/Talk KUHL in Santa Maria. He was one of the few independent radio station owners in the area.

This is a developing story.

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Gimli Jun 20, 2022 09:00 AM
Local Radio Station Owner Dies Paragliding

Very sad. Here in SB all the radio stations are corporate owned, except for KJEE 92.9 FM. I do miss independently owned radio stations.

Gimli Jun 21, 2022 08:56 AM
Local Radio Station Owner Dies Paragliding

HELENA - The DJ's at KTYD are not like the DJ's from 1973 to 1975. Those DJ's spinned over the airwaves Progressive Jazz, Brian Eno, Genesis with Peter Gabriel, Roxy Music (not just "Love is the Drug"), many songs by The Kinks that KTYD no longer spins over the airwaves and so many other singers and bands of straight Rock n Roll, Progressive Rock, Blues and Electronic/Experimental Music, mostly late at night, like former KTYD DJ Guy Guden of "Space Pirate Radio". He did his show once a week on Sunday's starting at midnight and end his show at 5 am Monday mornings, and no commercial breaks during his sets of Electronic/Experimental Music and he was also very comical over the airwaves of KTYD. Guy Guden had big local following. After all these years, I still miss him, and I am sure many others.

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