Local prosecutors oppose legislation that would remove regulations on gun silencers

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Source: Office of the District Attorney, County of Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley along with 28 additional members of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV) announced today their strong opposition to provisions in the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (“SHARE”) Act which would remove existing gun silencer safety regulations from federal law. The full letter is attached.

“As prosecutors, we are sworn to uphold public safety in our communities. The SHARE Act would threaten that safety by removing gun silencers from regulation under the National Firearms Act, which for decades has prevented felons, domestic abusers, and other people with dangerous histories from obtaining silencers,” wrote PAGV co-chairs Feuer and Vance in a letter regarding the legislation. “Given the challenges of protecting public safety in our communities—including from horrific mass shootings like the one we experienced this week in Las Vegas—and the increased risks to law enforcement, now is exactly the wrong time for Congress to make it easy for people with dangerous histories to buy silencers.”

The SHARE Act would jeopardize not only the safety of the public, but also the safety of the front-line law enforcement officers who work to keep communities safe. The loud and distinctive noise that a gunshot makes allows those who hear gunfire to assess the threat and take steps to protect themselves and those around them. Moreover, current federal law requires all buyers of silencers to pass a background check and comply with other common-sense safety provisions. Thanks to these successful regulations, silencers have been rarely used in connection with criminal activity.

Founded by District Attorney Vance and City Attorney Feuer in 2014, PAGV is a nonpartisan coalition of leading prosecutors, from every region of the United States, committed to advancing prosecutorial and policy solutions to the national public health and safety crisis of gun violence.

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343532 Oct 05, 2017 04:55 PM
Local prosecutors oppose legislation that would remove regulations on gun silencers

Lol oh boy it fun listening to people who don't know anything about guns talk about guns. Silencer pew pew it's not like Hollywood. It's not even called a Silencer it's called a Suppresor. Normal gun shot 150-160 decibels. With suppressor minus 20-30. Right under the instant threshold for hearing damage. About the same sound as a jumbo jet and jackhammer. You do know it does not suppress the ballistic crack right??? Right? That's the sound you hear when Being shot at. It's not the muzzle blast it's the ballistic crack of the bullet going supersonic. If your being shot at by a gun with a suppressor it's the exact same sound you would hear un-suppressed. Look up politifact on suppressor used in Vegas regarding Hilary's comment. Labeled False. But but I watched a Hollywood movie once and it was silent.

BoomerSooner Oct 05, 2017 09:11 AM
Local prosecutors oppose legislation that would remove regulations on gun silencers

There is a HUGE misconception out there regarding silencers. Silencers are designed to protect the hearing of the shooter. On long guns, such as rifles, the sound even with the silencer is still very loud. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppressor This is more "feel good" legislation and nothing more.

a-1591440875 Oct 05, 2017 10:02 AM
Local prosecutors oppose legislation that would remove regulations on gun silencers

It's not about what they're "designed" to do, I know what they are designed to do. It's the same thing ear plugs and over the ear protectors are designed to do. This is not about using something as it's designed to be used, it's about what criminals will use them for...that is the concern.

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