Local Election Results Pour In

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Local Election Results Pour In
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(Photos by John Palminteri)

By edhat staff

This has been a tense national midterm election, but the majority of local results seemingly appear to be landslides. 

A record number of younger voters stepped into the voting polls on Tuesday. Voter registration at UC Santa Barbara was one of the highest in the country, according to the Associated Student leadership. The effort was both on and off campus as soon as the students returned to the school in September. The trend is similar to the under-30 year old demographic nationwide, reports John Palminteri of KEYT News.

Democrat Salud Carbajal succeeded with a strong 59.05% of the vote over Republican Justin Fareed for the Representative of the 24th District. However, Republican Jordan Cunningham won 63.53% of the vote over Democratic challenger Bill Ostrander for the 35th District of the State Assembly. Democrat Monique Limón won in a landslide with 83.77% of the vote over fellow Democrat David Norrdin.

In Goleta, Paula Perotte beat Michael Bennett for the town's mayorship with 60.35%. Goletians also approved Measure W for the city to establish city council members' salaries at 75 percent of the non-family household median income for Goleta ($42,134) and to establish the mayor's salary at 90 percent of the non-family household median income ($50,561). Also approved was Measure Z for the city to tax marijuana businesses with a cap at 10 percent of sales.

There were many elections within local school districts, however, the most watched election was for the Santa Barbara Unified School District. Kate Ford and Rose Muñoz came out on top winning the votes with 23.3% and 18.67%; their contenders ranging from 4-13%. All county school district election results can be found here

The Montecito Water District has five brand-new members replacing incumbents and the Montecito Sanitary District has two new members; the majority spoke of a focus on using recycled and reclaimed water.

Measure B passed with the promise of saving money by holding city elections in even-numbered years instead of odd-numbered years. Measure C was also approved giving the city power to amend the city charter to elect city council members by district within six council districts, to elect the mayor citywide, and to adopt new special election requirements for vacancies. 

Measure G, which authorizes the board of supervisors to create an 11-member redistricting commission to adjust the boundaries of the county supervisorial districts, passed. However, Measure H was rejected which attempted to authorize the creation of an independent redistricting commission to adjust supervisorial district boundaries.

All local election results can be found here and the current California State election results are below:

California Governor
Gavin Newsom: 4,158,682 (59.4%)
John H. Cox: 2,840,837 (40.6%)
Lt. Governor
Eleni Kounalakis: 3,231,878 (55.6%)
Ed Hernandez: 2,576,461 (44.4%)
Secretary of State
Alex Padilla: 4,262,508 (61.7%)
Mark P. Meuser: 2,640,685 (38.3%)
Betty T. Yee: 4,333,521 (62.9%)
Konstantinos Roditis: 2,552,712 (37.1%)
Fiona Ma: 4,204,203 (61.2%)
Greg Conlon: 2,661,511 (38.8%) 
Attorney General
Xavier Becerra: 4,189,777 (60.8%)
Steven C Bailey: 2,706,531 (39.2%)
Insurance Commissioner
Ricardo Lara: 3,335,469 (50.8%)
Steve Poizner: 3,229,995 (49.2%)
U.S. Senator
Dianne Feinstein: 3,358,152 (54.3%)
Kevin De Leon: 2,820,615 (45.7%)
U.S. House of Representatives, District 24
Salud Carbajal: 96,088 (56.0%)
Justin Fareed: 75,578 (44.0%)
California Assembly, District 37
S. Monique Limón: 75,040 (78.8%)
David L. Norrdin: 20,220 (21.2%)
Goleta Mayor
Paula Perotte: 4,124 (60.35%)
Michael Bennett: 2,679 (39.21%)
Carpinteria City Council (top three)
Gregg Carty: 1,821 (23.33%)
Roy Lee: 1,809 (23.17%)
Al Clark: 1,692 (21.68%)
Brad Stein: 1,391 (17.82%)
D. “Dar” Ringling: 1,032 (13.22%)
SBCC Trustee, District 5
Marsha Croninger: 4,425 (61.48%)
Darcel Elliott: 2,691 (37.39%)
S.B. Unified School District Trustees (top two)
Kate Ford: 16,641 (23.30%)
Rose Munoz: 13,330 (18.67%)
Mark Alvarado: 9,776 (13.69%)
Ismael Paredes Ulloa: 9,755 (13.66%)
Jill Rivera: 7,253 (10.16%)
Bonnie B. Raisin: 6,086 (8.52%)
Ricardo Sisto Cota: 5,265 (7.37%)
Jim Gribble: 3,059 (4.28%)
SBCC Board of Trustees, Area 2
Robert K. Miller: 3,752 (66.13%)
Brandon T. Morse: 1,854 (32.68%)
SBCC Board of Trustees, Area 7
Kate Parker: 3,826 (62.23%)
Daniel Seymour: 1,222 (19.88%)
Laurie Punches: 1,065 (17.32%)
Goleta Union School District Board of Trustees
Luz Reyes-Martin: 10,536 (34.03%)
Richard Mayer: 9,153 (29.57%)
Carin Ezal: 7,467 (24.12%)
Bruce J. Wallach: 3,601 (11.63%)
Montecito Water District (top three)
Cori Hayman: 1,955 (26.99%)
Brian C. Goebel: 1,919 (26.49%)
Kenneth J. Coates: 1,911 (26.38%)
Dick Shaikewitz: 1,280 (17.67%)
Montecito Sanitary District (top two)
Dana Newquist: 1,281 (28.27%)
”Woody” T Barrett II: 1,264 (27.89%)
Judith Ishkanian: 1,037 (22.88%)
Robert Williams: 936 (20.65%)
Prop. 1 ($4 Billion Housing Bond)
Yes: 3,651,760 (54.1%)
No: 3,095,915 (45.9%)
Prop. 2 (Amend Existing Housing Program for Mental Illness)
Yes: 4,142,762 (61.1%)
No: 2,633,918 (38.9%)
Prop. 3 (Bond for Water and Environmental Projects)
Yes: 3,192,129 (47.6%)
No: 3,507,223 (52.4%)
Prop. 4 (Bond for Children’s Hospital Construction)
Yes: 4,105,020 (60.6%)
No: 2,670,864 (39.4%)
Prop. 5 (Senior Property Reduction)
Yes: 2,820,805 (41.9%)
No: 3,914,747 (58.1%)
Prop. 6 (Repeal of Fuel Tax Approved by Voters)
Yes: 3,076,118 (44.7%)
No: 3,801,276 (55.3%)
Prop. 7 (Change Daylight Saving Time Period)
Yes: 4,020,376 (59.8%)
No: 2,699,401 (40.2%)
Prop. 8 (Regulates Kidney Dialysis Treatment Charges)
Yes: 2,613,413 (38.4%)
No: 4,188,337 (61.6%)
Prop. 10 (Rental Control on Residential Property)
Yes: 2,629,548 (38.3%)
No: 4,236,035 (61.7%)
Prop. 11 (Emergency Ambulance Employees on-call)
Yes: 4,025,678 (59.4%)
No: 2,749,109 (40.6%)
Prop. 12 (Farm Animals Confinement Standards)
Yes: 4,132,115 (61.0%)
No: 2,640,334 (39.0%)
Measure B (Santa Barbara Election Consolidation)
Yes: 13,030 (70.53%)
No: 5,445 (29.47%)
Measure G (Redistricting Commission)
Yes: 41,504 (52.30%)
No: 37,853 (47.70%)
Measure H (Redistricting Commission)
Yes: 25,140 (32.77%)
No: 51,576 (67.23%)
Measure W (Goleta City Salaries)
Yes: 4,284 (63.44%)
No: 2,469 (36.56%)
Measure X (Carpinteria Sales Tax)
Yes: 1,779 (54.99%)
No: 1,456 (45.01%)
Measure Y (Allan Hancock Joint Bond Issue)
Yes: 15,929 (44.78%)
No: 19,639 (55.22%)
Measure Z (Goleta Marijuana Business Tax)
Yes: 5,833 (81.92%)
No: 1287 (18.08%)
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salsa guy Nov 08, 2018 08:47 AM
Local Election Results Pour In

Pitmix. If the north was to split from the south they would bury the south economically in a few years.

Factotum Nov 07, 2018 02:10 PM
Local Election Results Pour In

Government is one of the largest employers in this county - you will always get the majority of votes in favor of what best serves government employees and their unions. Fact of life in Santa Barbara. Government employees and their families have a monopoly on local politics.

PitMix Nov 07, 2018 01:07 PM
Local Election Results Pour In

Spoken like a true north county resident. I for one was all for splitting the County and letting the north part figure out how to replace the subsidies they currently get from the southern part.

a-1555714279 Nov 07, 2018 12:38 PM
Local Election Results Pour In

Disappointed to see Measure H fail over measure G. One of the few true attempts to take politics out of redistricting. I wonder how many people really took to the time to understand what they were voting for.

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