Local Dog Finalist in Nationwide Contest

Local Dog Finalist in Nationwide Contest title=
Local Dog Finalist in Nationwide Contest
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Source: Santa Barbara County Humane Society

A local dog, Champ, from Santa Barbara, is one of 25 canine finalists in the “Walk and Wag” photo contest with an opportunity to win a $5,000 grant and Halo pet food for Santa Barbara Humane Society. From now until September 20, the local community is encouraged to vote at FidoFoster.org.

Champ, a Jack Russell Terrier, is a playful pup who keeps his adopters entertained with his antics. He enjoys going for walks, playing with toys, and hunting for gophers. Champ’s adopters say that he is a smart boy who knows a number of tricks—he has even learned to roll on to his side when he is given the command “sleep.” Champ’s adopters say that they feel incredibly lucky to have a dog like Champ in their life.

To salute dog heroes and the launch of GreaterGood.org’s FidoFoster.org initiative, the national nonprofit, teamed up with Halo pet food and celebrity judge Olivia Munn to kick-off the first-ever “Walk and Wag” photo contest. From August 10 - 31, dog fosters and adopters were invited to share their most creative photos, at FidoFoster.org, that showcases the personality of their foster and adopted dogs, while answering the question “What makes your dog wag?”

The two grand prize winners (adoption and foster category) of the “Walk and Wag” photo contest will receive: a year-supply of Halo pet food; 5,000 meals from Halo and a $5,000 grant courtesy of MyPetCandle to donate to an animal shelter of their choice; a celebrity shout out from Olivia Munn on social; virtual training with Animal Planet's Pet Expert Andrea Arden; a private photo shoot with “Underwater Dogs” photographer Seth Casteel and a Wag! premium annual membership and discounts. Two runner ups in each category will receive 3,000 Halo meals to donate to an animal shelter of their choice and $100 in free dog walks from Wag!

The “Walk and Wag” panel of judges, including Olivia Munn, Andrea Arden and Seth Casteel, selected the top 25 foster dog walking photos, and the top 25 adopted dog walking photos for the public to vote on from now until September 20. One grand prize winner and two runner ups in both categories, with the most votes, will be announced on September 22.

FidoFoster.org is focused on improving the care for homeless dogs by supporting a national network of foster caregivers and helping organizations become foster-centric. With advice from Andrea Arden, Seth Casteel and other experts, it’s an online community for connection and information-sharing on important topics including dog care, foster resources, and canine nutrition for all life stages.

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REX OF SB Sep 14, 2020 04:00 PM
Local Dog Finalist in Nationwide Contest

SBSURFER: I don't quite accept that. It would be nice to know something about the owners as well—what part of town they live in, have they taught the dog any tricks, etc.

Lately, it seems that people bring their circumstances to major public attention, only to completely clam up when they win or become a finalist. A local family recently won a national yard beautification award, pictures of which were, I believe, posted here on Edhat and elsewhere; yet when the owners were asked a couple of times on Nextdoor, they wouldn't even disclose the street they live on so that people could drive past to see.

It would seem that if you're going to put yourself out there by entering major contests, you could at least deal with the ramifications when you win. It's called human interest for a reason.

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