Literacy Comes Alive Through SB Unified Partnership With Community

Literacy Comes Alive Through SB Unified Partnership With Community (Courtesy)

What do science, art, and the zoo have in common? They are all helping Santa Barbara Unified students learn vocabulary words.

“Literacy Moves” gave 172 preschoolers a chance to build a robust foundation in vocabulary by embarking on monthly field trips to various community-based organizations, including the SB Museum of Art, MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, and the SB Zoo.

This immersive experience is designed to provide our young learners with a robust foundation in vocabulary, setting them on a trajectory for success as they transition into Kindergarten and beyond.

Each organization involved played a pivotal role in imparting theme-based vocabulary aligned with the content of the newly adopted Wit & Wisdom curriculum in SB Unified elementary schools TK-6.

While on the field trips, classes held a scavenger hunt to look for words listed in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, this program helped students learn about the unique and engaging community resources we have in Santa Barbara they might not otherwise get access to.

“It’s critical to build a strong foundation for students to learn to read and write by the third grade. We hope this program shows there is learning all around us in our everyday lives. I want to thank all of our partners who made this happen. It shows what we can do as a community when we leverage our great resources to inspire literacy,” said Dr. Hilda Maldonado, Superintendent.

Santa Barbara Unified thanks the Santa Barbara Education Foundation, First 5 Santa Barbara County, and Montecito Bank & Trust for making Literacy Moves possible.

Literacy Comes Alive Through SB Unified Partnership With Community (Courtesy)

Literacy Comes Alive Through SB Unified Partnership With Community (Courtesy)


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  1. Interesting, SB Unified. My suggestion is to lose the PR stuff like this and get back to work, looking for good teachers and working WITH THEM IN THE CLASSROOMS to teach all kids the basics – reading, writing, and math…for starters. All else is fluff, Hilda.

    • “the basics” like LITERACY? Did you bother reading the article or just get mad about kids being taught differently than we were? Teaching literacy is “fluff”? God, you’re something.

      Besides, reading, writing and math is not the basics. You left out science, history, art, music…. you know, the subjects that help make you an educated human.

    • “PR stuff”? Hilda’s not here, man.

      Kids engaging with the real world while focusing on literacy is damn good educational practice. Getting kids out of the classroom once in a while helps them get the most out of being in the classroom.

      My suggestion is to leave pedagogy to the professionals

    • Field trips to museums are “fluff”?!
      I suppose you think concerts and theater are too? Are books, tv and film too? Fiction and non-fiction both?
      Be sure to criticize the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation for its school program, along with the organizations noted in this article. Oh, and First 5 too I guess. Sheesh, sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.

  2. Though I am not a fan of our current Superintendent… this program of having students visit the zoo, moxi, local museums is excelllent for literacy. Many students don’t have the experiences that affluent parents and their children experience like foreign travel and extensive experience. With SB being the county with the highest child poverty these hands on “adventures” are wonderful. It expands vocabulary and knowledge so that new words and new knowledges has more “places” to attach to. Many of our vulnerable students have not been to the beach or museums. These trips on top of using evidenced based reading instruction backed by science will help all students reach proficiency by end of third. Glad students are getting this experience. And hope Maldonado starts respecting teachers so that our students can thrive. Right now many students are experiencing stress with unfilled positions and a revolving door of teachers and para educators in special ed space. This is positive. But Maldonado’s PR machine ought to address those that suffer and give them all the intensive help they need on top of these enrichment activities which I fully support.

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