League of Women Voters Releases Statement on Superintendent Forum, Claims Lozano Didn't Sign Agreement

League of Women Voters Releases Statement on Superintendent Forum, Claims Lozano Didn't Sign Agreement title=
Christy Lozano (left) and Dr. Susan Salcido (right) [courtesy photos]
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By the League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara

The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara is making public the Release Form [attached below] which all candidates are required to sign before participating in any Forums put on by the League. This form, which spells out the protocols to insure a fair and civil discussion, and which is standard for all League forums, was sent to both candidates for County Superintendent of Schools on April 27.

Christy Lozano, who would not sign the form, is claiming she was given only 45 minutes to sign it before the decision was made to cancel the May 12 Forum. That isn’t true. She was reminded of the need to sign the Release Form on May 9. Unless both candidates agree to Forum rules, the League cannot hold the forum, according to the League’s policies. 

Lozano was told, “Our policies and procedures for our Candidate Forum, such as not providing the questions to be asked of each candidate in advance, and not allowing candidates to use excerpts of the recording of the Forum rather than using it in its entirety, are in accordance with national and state League of Women Voters policies and procedures.  Please be assured that all candidates who participate in our Forums are required to abide by the same policies and procedures.”

Susan Salcido, incumbent Superintendent of Schools and Lozano’s opponent, did sign the Release Form and agreed to the League’s Forum rules.

On May 9, LWVSB Vice President for Voter Service Revae Moran sent an email message to both candidates reminding them to sign the candidate Release Form, scan it in, and send it back to her. She resent the Release Form to both of them and said she needed it before the Forum.

Christy Lozano then sent an email message to Moran expressing her concerns about the candidate release form. She cited two issues: (1) she wanted us to provide, in writing the League’s consent to allow her to use “any or all video from the “debate” (sic). She also did not want to abide by our requirement to not make reference to another candidate’s qualifications, character, or activities – either positively or negatively.”   

In response, Moran clarified that the format for the Forum was not going to be a “debate” and noted that the format was what the League has used for many years. She  also noted that the purpose of the Forum was for Lozano to talk about her qualifications and experience rather than her opponent’s and to focus on the actions she would take and the topics on which she would focus as County Superintendent of Schools.

Finally, Moran said the League would give Lozano permission to use the recording, but only on the condition that the recording be used in its entirety rather than extracting portions of it.  That has also been the League’s long-standing policy.

On May 10, Lozano was given a deadline of May 11 at 10am to sign the Release Form or the Forum would be cancelled. She failed to respond.

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KKSYV May 13, 2022 11:00 PM
League of Women Voters Releases Statement on Superintendent Forum, Claims Lozano Didn't Sign Agreement

Anyone care to discuss the Sheriff election? I’m voting for Juan Camarena. He did this League of Women Voters forum this week but haven’t watched it yet. I’m voting for him because he’s endorsed by the 600 member Deputy Sheriffs Association (who he would lead) as well as Santa Barbara County Firefighters who work under the Sheriff at accident and disaster scenes. Also like that Juan grew up in Santa Maria joined marines at 17, did 2 tours in Somalia, came back joined the Sheroffs and when 9/11 happened, Juan re-enlisted in the Marines. Brown’s 16yrs es is too long and he wants 20 years. That’s my take what’s your’s?

fitz May 14, 2022 07:08 AM
League of Women Voters Releases Statement on Superintendent Forum, Claims Lozano Didn't Sign Agreement

Thank you Susan Salcido for being respectful of LWV volunteers who only wanted to have a fair and civil event. I belong to a group that has been doing forums for more than 40 years. We use the League of Women Voters guidelines because they have always resulted in a civil and informative discussion. A few years ago, we had a candidate back out at the last minute. We had the event as it included candidates for several positions. The 'absent' candidate publicly insulted our group for doing so. For the next campaign, he found some other excuse and wanted to send a 'sub' to read his answers. Refusing to participate seems to be a recent phenomenon. Not a good sign for our democracy. These forums take so much time and preparation, especially when you have to meet media deadlines for publicity.

GeneralTree May 14, 2022 08:51 AM
League of Women Voters Releases Statement on Superintendent Forum, Claims Lozano Didn't Sign Agreement

Christy knows she will lose and is furthering the destruction of her own campaign. When she loses she will then claim the election was rigged and make more conspiratorial YouTube videos for Fair Education Santa Barbara. But isn't that the play book of the extreme right - Division through conspiracy, vitriol and bombast? A "normal" candidate would actually run for the position, state their qualifications and present their platform in open forum. That may have been too much to ask of Christy due to her incredible lack of experience for the position.

Babycakes May 14, 2022 09:40 AM
League of Women Voters Releases Statement on Superintendent Forum, Claims Lozano Didn't Sign Agreement

There is no way Christy Lozano has any chance of winning this election....zero, none, zip. So, I do not understand why, why, why some of you live in fear of her, especially in a city and state completely dominated by one party. People, try to take fear out of your lives. It's the same thing over, and over, and over, and it's not how good/wonderful your side is, it's always about how bad the "other" side is. This approach is not working for those who are actually paying attention to things: Putin's gas hike? Not even. Disgraced ex-president's inflation? Sorry, but not related. Deplorables? Uh, like those with whom you disagree with are somehow bad....nope. I worked in advertising some years ago, and for many consumer products is was all about creating fear: fear of...bad breath, driving the wrong car, not getting stains out of clothing, body odor, rough toilet paper....c'maon man!

Have a long and hard look at the fear you are living in, and ask yourselves if it's worth living that way. Instead of cup half full, or half empty....some of you think you have no "cup" at all. You have time to change things, but you must have two things: an open mind and an open heart.

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