Lazy Acres Offers Safe Marketing During COVID-19

Lazy Acres Offers Safe Marketing During COVID-19 title=
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By edhat staff

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread in our local community, grocery store Lazy Acres is offering a safe marketing experience.

Lazy Acres, the original namesake store that's been in the community since 1991, has added extra precautions for its customers since March.

Social distancing floor markers ensure six-feet of distancing between customers and only a limited number of shoppers are allowed in the store at one time. While seeing a long line outside might be daunting, don't worry it goes by quickly as the staff makes sure to maintain efficient lines.

For senior shoppers who are at higher-risk of COVID-19, the store enacted a special senior shopping hour every day from 6:00 - 7:00 a.m. While bagging services are still an option, customers are allowed to bag their own groceries for extra security.

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Plexiglass barriers have been added to all registers and service counters to ensure safe distancing between customers and team members. Masks are required and daily wellness checks are mandatory for all employees. All carts and baskets are completely sanitized between customer use. 

While some are sad to see the removal of the salad bar and self-serve hot items, the store felt it was too much a risk as those items are frequently touched. Instead, a bevy of grab-and-go prepackaged meals and freshly made items are available for a quick and healthy meal.

Lazy Acres also offers a variety of fresh organic foods and natural supplements to keep your immunity boosted.

The latest development is a series of newly-introduced "Follow Along Cooking Classes" with chefs and foodies offering free tips and recipes. There's also a series of wellness classes from specialists with classes to better your mind and body.

All of the classes are free and stream daily on Facebook Live, usually around 3:30 p.m., and Lazy Acres' YouTube channel

A few extra tips that you probably already know but we'd be remiss to mention them are to always wear your mask. Shop alone to keep the store as uncrowded as possible. Practice physical distancing and adhere to the store's guidelines. Wash your hands before and after your visit. If you don't feel well, stay home and keep everyone safe. 

For more information visit Happy shopping.

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