Law Enforcement Responds to Occupation of Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies respond to protesters who occupied Girvetz Hall at UCSB on June 12, 2024 (Photo: @ucsbliberatedzone/Instagram)
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies respond to protesters who occupied Girvetz Hall at UCSB on June 12, 2024 (Photo: @ucsbliberatedzone/Instagram)

Update by the edhat staff
June 12, 2024

Early Wednesday morning Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at UC Santa Barbara to remove a group of protestors, referred to as “Say Genocide,” that took over Girvetz Hall two days prior.

Around 1:00 a.m. the university delivered a campus-wide warning of a “large-scale operation” near Girvetz Hall advising people to clear the area. Moments later armored vehicles and law enforcement trucks arrived with numerous officers from the Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team and UCSB Police Department, as well as K9 teams.

The officers, suited in riot gear with helmets and batons, secured a perimeter around the occupied building. They conducted a thorough search but the protestors had left the building prior to their arrival.

Students, faculty, and community members sang and chanted “Free Palestine” while recording officers on their phones. There were no reported arrests or confrontations between law enforcement and protestors.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies respond to protesters who occupied Girvetz Hall at UCSB on June 12, 2024 (Photo: @ucsbliberatedzone/Instagram)
Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies respond to protesters who occupied Girvetz Hall at UCSB on June 12, 2024 (Photo: @ucsbliberatedzone/Instagram)

A separate pro-Palestinian group that created an encampment on the lawn outside Davidson Library since May 1 known as the UCSB Liberated Zone, remains on site and released a statement of support on social media.

“We made it through a night of police intimidation and escalation — we could not have done it without our incredible community, who poured out last night into this morning to protect the camp,” the group said.

According to their post, over 200 people gathered in support of the protestors and remained until law enforcement left around 4:00 a.m. Wednesday.

“We still remain on campus. We will not leave until our demands are met,” the group stated.

Chancellor Yang released a statement on Wednesday afternoon explaining the group of unidentified individuals entered Girvetz Hall and blocked access to the building, which prevented final exams scheduled for that building from taking place.

“Fire exits were blocked, images of vandalism and threats of violence were posted, and altercations occurred. We indicated that we would not tolerate these unsafe conditions. This was criminal activity, not peaceful protest,” Yang stated.

Yang’s full statement is available below.

On Monday, we reported that a group of unidentified individuals entered Girvetz Hall and blocked access to the building, which prevented final exams scheduled for that building from taking place. Fire exits were blocked, images of vandalism and threats of violence were posted, and altercations occurred. We indicated that we would not tolerate these unsafe conditions. This was criminal activity, not peaceful protest. 

After we received a communication from a group inside Girvetz Hall, which was said to include people unaffiliated with the university, we called on them to immediately vacate the building. Faced with serious and urgent security and safety concerns, and the unlawful and dangerous actions of those barricaded in the building, we took action to end the trespass and vandalism. 

Police arriving on the scene found that the protestors had vacated the vandalized building. Anyone who is determined to have participated in this activity will face disciplinary and potentially criminal charges. We will follow the University of California Campus Guidelines on Determining Disciplinary Actions, consistent with campus procedures. 

We have sought to maintain a balance between the rights of the community to pursue our educational mission and the rights of protesters to exercise their First Amendment rights in a peaceful manner. However, students, staff, and faculty must be allowed to live and work without fear of bias, discrimination, bullying, intimidation, or disruption. We must restore our sense of community and allow our students to have the Commencement that they and their families and friends deserve. 

It is not yet known how long it will take our dedicated custodial and maintenance staff to clean and make repairs caused by vandalism in the building. Final exams scheduled in Girvetz Hall have been relocated to other buildings. Instructors will confirm new venues with their students.

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Protestors at UC Santa Barbara Occupy Girvetz Hall Disrupting Finals Week

Protestors take over Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and set up staged scenes of war on June 10, 2024 (Photo: @saygenocideucsb/Instagram)
Protestors take over Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and set up staged scenes of war on June 10, 2024 (Photo: @saygenocideucsb/Instagram)

Autonomous Group Referred to as “Say Genocide” Makes Demands to University

By the edhat staff
June 10, 2024

A group of Pro-Palestine protestors occupied Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and defaced a classroom and courtyard with graphic scenes simulating the war in Gaza on Monday.

The group, who calls themselves “Say Genocide UCSB,” barricaded themselves into the university building and posted their demands on Instagram. The majority of the people involved have yet to be identified and describe themselves as an “autonomous group of students, workers, and community members.”

On Monday, UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang sent a letter to students and faculty stating its been a difficult year and everyone is deeply distressed by the violence in Israel and Gaza while the university has tried to maintain a balance rights of protestors and rights of students who wish to pursue their education.

“This morning, a small group of unidentified individuals entered Girvetz Hall, intimidated custodial staff and ordered them to leave, restricted access to classrooms, and prevented final exams scheduled for that building from taking place,” the message stated.

“We cannot tolerate activity that interferes with access to buildings, and students’ ability to complete their courses, fulfill their requirements, and graduate. Students, faculty, and staff must have full access to the campus and all facilities.”

The protestors have covered classroom windows, barricaded doors, and displayed banners and signs. Just one classroom and courtyard that are available for passerby’s to view is staged like a scene from the war in Gaza.

The classroom has overturned tables and chairs with large rocks and rubble on the floor. Fake bodies and body parts with red paint simulating blood are strewn about with the words “SAY GENOCIDE” written on the chalkboard.

The courtyard depicts a similar scene with a banner hanging from the roof stating, “You Can Take Your Finals, They Never Will.”

Protestors take over Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and set up staged scenes of war on June 10, 2024 (Photo: @saygenocideucsb/Instagram)
Protestors take over Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and set up staged scenes of war on June 10, 2024 (Photo: @saygenocideucsb/Instagram)

In an anonymous letter to the school posted on social media, the group demands that Chancellor Yang public states UCSB agrees with the International Court of Justice ruling that labeled the war in Gaza a “genocide in Palestine.”

Demands also include that all future emails from UCSB administration referring to Palestine “acknowledge the situation abroad as a ‘Genocide’ in ‘Palestine'” and that “full legal and academic amnesty” is given to the protestors currently occupying Girvetz Hall.

The group has since used the flagpoles on the campus building to raise a Palestinian flag and an upside-down American flag.

On social media the protestors posted a response from UCSB Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Margaret Klawunn. She stated this group has similar demands to other campus groups, such as the encampment known as the Gaza Liberated Zone, and the university is willing to include this group in the discussion. However, they must vacate the building immediately and “promise to refrain from such activity in the future” as its interrupting “constructive conversations with the students representing the encampment and preventing any progress in finding common ground.”

The statement by Klawunn has yet to be verified.

The protestors stated the response was “a cowardly move by the administration to pacify direct action and divide pro-Palestinian student organizing.”

The group said they support the work of other student groups but refuse to wait any longer to have the university administrators to “do the bare minimum and SAY GENOCIDE.”

The protestors message also stated there were rumors of a police raid on Monday evening, however there have been no reports of any law enforcement interventions.

Although, the protestors posted on social media that at 11:25 p.m. Monday, two masked people climbed up The Arbor building to the roof and attempted to take down the American flag. When approached, one of them struck a protestor in the head with a pole and inflicted scrapes and bruises to others, according to the post.

The group said while many people arrived during the incident, at no point did any “school staff announce themselves or intervene to protect the health of students.”

Protestors take over Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and set up staged scenes of war on June 10, 2024 (Photo: @saygenocideucsb/Instagram)
Protestors take over Girvetz Hall at UC Santa Barbara and set up staged scenes of war on June 10, 2024 (Photo: @saygenocideucsb/Instagram)

Pro-Palestinian protests at other University of California campuses have escalated during finals week. Students at UC Davis set up blockades to prevent bus service, a group at UC Santa Cruz took over an empty housing building, and students at UCLA set up tents throughout a public courtyard.

UCSB stated it is currently working with instructors to relocate or reschedule finals that were supposed to take place in Girvetz Hall this week.

This is a developing story.

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. So, is this a natural consequence of Yang’s hands-off approach? Let the protesters set up an ever-expanding camp of tents? Check. Let them write graffiti all over the sidewalks and walls? Check. Let them take over a dining hall and give away the food? Check. Let them block the building entrances? Check. Let them use megaphones? Check. Let them violate every campus policy with no repercussions at all? Check. And now this.

  2. Not the way to spread the message, kids. Vandalism and disruption like this is not peaceful protest and detracts from the issue.

    It’s absolutely great and I encourage them all to be protesting what is happening in Gaza, but not like this.

      • Yes, Alex, true…. but have there been elections since? The majority of living Gazans (as well as those dead) were either not alive or too young to vote in the last election 18 years ago. To say Gazan’s have been ruling Gaza because Hamas won an election almost 20 years ago simplifies the matter to the point that’s it’s not really true.

        • I don’t understand that. Hamas is comprised of Palestinians from Gaza. Hamas controls every internal policy of the Gaza Strip, health, education, military and police, infrastructure, everything.

          The fact that Hamas is a government that brutalizes and exploits its people doesn’t mean that Hamas doesn’t rule Gaza.

          People who were too young to vote in 2006 are now members of the ruling government, they administer and fight for their government. They are Palestinians exclusively from Gaza.

          So who exactly is ruling Gaza if not Hamas?

          The fact that Israel and Egypt have ongoing blockades and controls on Gaza’s borders does not translate to Hamas not wielding anything but absolute power over their people.

          • ALEX – I did not say “Hamas doesn’t rule Gaza,” I said “Gazans don’t rule Gaza” as in, they’ve really had no choice. Hamas’ rule has been imposed upon them whether they chose it or not.

            Point is, the Palestinian people have never had autonomy or true self governance, despite Hamas winning the only election in 20 years.

            • Sorry but Gazans absolutely rule Gaza. Hamas is comprised entirely of people drawn from the local population. Hamas is the largest employer in Gaza, so the majority of people working in Gaza work for Hamas.

              Gazans rule Gaza. That doesn’t mean that the government of Gaza is carrying out the wishes of the majority of the people under their rule, or that the government would retain power in a free election. Same as any oppressive regime anywhere on the planet when the members of that regime are all citizens of that nation. Are you going to say that North Korea is not ruled by North Koreans? Or that Cuba is not ruled by Cubans?

              I doubt it.

              • Well if you insist on being technical, I guess yeah…. Gazans rule themselves through Hamas, but my point is what you yourself acknowledge:

                “That doesn’t mean that the government of Gaza is carrying out the wishes of the majority of the people under their rule, or that the government would retain power in a free election.”

                So no, the people of Gaza do not have autonomy, although many Gazans are “employed” by Hamas terrorist group, who controls the policy of Gaza, while Israel controls its northern border, airspace and coast and Egypt controls its southern border.

                Again, not that simple.

                • And Alex, don’t forget the context of my comment. I was responding to this:

                  “the local community has finally caught a glimpse at the childish and animalistic behavior of the people you support. Anyone curious about what Gaza would be like if left to the Gazans (which it was for 20 years).”

                  To suggest Gaza is what it is now, and has been, is due to the Gazan people, is historically ignorant and dishonest.

                  It’s like, as you brough up, blaming the people of Cuba for how Cuba is being run. Same as North Korea….

                  We blaming the citizens with no voice for the actions of their dictators?

                  We shouldn’t.

        • You’re chasing your tail in circles. Better quit while you’re (not) ahead. “To say Gazans have been ruling Gaza because Hamas won an election…makes it not really true” is the most ridiculous, laughable statement we’ve heard yet. Thanks for sharing it! If Hamas wasn’t ruling Gaza for the last 20 years — WHO WAS?? Dunce

    • Calm down. Gazans ruled Gaza autonomously for the last 20 years. Don’t start changing the facts just cuz you mad. Hamas came to power in 2006 after slaughtering their Fatah rivals. Israel had an agreement in place for secure but open borders as long as Gaza did not attack Israel. What happened only 3 days after Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005? Gaza starts launching rockets, missiles and mortars at Israel. So Israel did what any sane nation with an interest in keeping its civilians safe would do, and blockaded its border (don’t forget, the Egyptian border was open! There was never a true blockade! It’s just more convenient for yall to blame the Jews. Sounds like an angry white man with a mustache I know!). Israel didn’t blockade its border with Gaza because it felt like it. It’s called cause and effect. You threaten me, I put up a wall. You don’t threaten me anymore, I take down the wall. You stop educating your kids to blindly hate me, there just may be peace.

  3. Unacceptable behavior, all students and faculty involved in it should be expelled/fired and have charges pressed against them for vandalism and everything else that they are doing. This is destructive, harms other students, staff and the community. Disgusting!

  4. Two things I’d say. One, yes Yang is out to lunch, but that’s not new. What’s he supposed to do here? All the Chancellors are kinda screwed in this deal. Two, if someone messed up my final exam I don’t give a F—k what their cause is, I’m pissed at them and their cause. Screwing with someone’s final exam is a straight lame ass move.

  5. Let’s stop funding UCSB with our tax dollars, and make students pay City and County each $150 to be eligible to enroll. It’s time for all students to pay up for municipal services provided to students comprehensive property damage insurance.. Yang is weak. The UCSB Police Force need to be making arrests for property damage

  6. Much ink has been spilled trying to comprehend the reasons and motivations behind this movement. It is quite simple, they hate America and they hate Western civilization. The pro-terror protests are born out of the same ideology which burned down the country in 2020.

    • BOARDER – or…. could it be that they are against the killing of thousands of innocent women and children?

      It’s frustrating to still see people unwilling (or unable) to distinguish between being pro-terrorism and being anti-war in Gaza.

      While the message and tactics they’re employing in this particular protest is misguided and counterproductive, this “movement” in general is for the end of the brutal and indiscriminate war in Gaza that has killed tens of thousands of innocent women and children. Are you really not in support of that idea?

    • BOARDER – tell me where I lied.

      Or did you mean yourself?….. “There isn’t a “brutal and indiscriminate war in Gaza”.” — Now THAT is an absolute lie. Or are you just completely unaware of what’s going on?

      No need to answer, I’m done arguing with dishonest, and worse, people about this. There’s no amount of objective truth that will change the minds of those who have no problem with the killing of (Arab) children and other innocent civilians.

      Educate yourself.

      “The assessment, compiled by the (UNITED STATES) Office of the Director of National Intelligence and described to CNN by three sources who have seen it, says that about 40-45% of the 29,000 air-to-ground munitions Israel has used have been unguided.” —

      “The heavy use of unguided munitions is likely to be controversial as these bombs can cause collateral damage, especially in a densely populated urban area such as Gaza.” —

      “In just over two months, the offensive has wreaked more destruction than the razing of Syria’s Aleppo between 2012 and 2016, Ukraine’s Mariupol or, proportionally, the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II. It has killed more civilians than the U.S.-led coalition did in its three-year campaign against the Islamic State group.” —

      “Even if Israeli forces had intended to target legitimate military objectives in the vicinity, these attacks evidently failed to distinguish between military objectives and civilian objects and would therefore be indiscriminate. Indiscriminate attacks that kill and injure civilians are war crimes.” —,injure%20civilians%20are%20war%20crimes.

      Nitpick, deny and complain about sources all you want, but to say “There isn’t a “brutal and indiscriminate war in Gaza” is flat out, absolutely wrong.

      • These people lost me BIG time and completely with their slogan ” You can take your finals , they never will”. Misery loves company indeed! Maybe they should divest their time, energy and attention to other more pressing issue like electing the next US president which can define American future in the next four 4yrs, hopefully not to bonkers?:-( A president who will actively participate in the global campaign to tackle climate crisis… a president who will codify reproductive laws that will codify women’s right to their reproductive decisions? A president who will lean on to promoting universal healthcare and ditch for profit insurance … all things that are good and fair for the people? Another thing, the protester should explain to me Why are hostages recued and recovered in Gaza? If people there aren’t complicit to HAMAS and are completely innocent? Why do they, Gazans, elect HAMAS into office then? I don’t think there is Genocide in Gaza!. Jews committing genocide in GAZA? Really? Oh daft!

  7. I fully support cries to end the violence but saying “genocide” does not make it so. I hope the protesters are aware that it was Donald Trump – not even Netanyahu in so many words – who has said that Hamas “should be wiped from the face of the earth.” That is a goal of genocide. He says the U.S. “should be fully supporting Israel in its battle against terrorism.” If this whole effort – however well-intentioned – ends up weakening Biden in the lead-up to the election, it only props up Trump – who openly supports what Israel is doing – what you call “genocide”. Protesters are cutting off their noses to spite their face. Try supporting Biden’s efforts to end it. Don’t look back a couple of years from now and be saying “Gee…maybe that wasn’t such a good idea,” because you will if Trump wins!

    • Hamas is not a “people” or an ethnicity, they are the terrorist governing body of Gaza, so saying “wipe out Hamas” is not a call for genocide.

      If someone says “wipe out all the Palestinians on the planet” that is a call for genocide.

      Beyond that, yep, these people who are so caught up with their lazy and infantile thinking that they are going to pave the way for Donald Trump rather than vote for “genocide Joe”, are so irresponsible, so selfish, so foolish. They will reap what they sow I suppose.

      • You’re right – calling for the extermination of Hamas is not a call for genocide, any more than what is happening now is genocide. That was part of my point – the word is thrown around far too casually these days. Israel’s goal (in spite of their crude and destructive – and deadly – way of carrying out that goal) is not genocide. Trump’s goal in his own words is to wipe out a group of people largely supported by the Palestinians (they would so easily hide among them otherwise.) If any goal is more “genocidal”, it is Trump’s.

      • Absolutely, Alex. I’ve had conversations with young “progressives” who insist on not voting for Biden because of his policies. I tell them, you’re basically voting for Trump, the response – “well I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t vote for a child killer.”

        Terrifying and sad to say this, but I honestly think Trump could win this, partly based on the lack of votes for Joe due to these young fools voting their “conscious” instead of voting for what is the best for our country and more importantly, their future.

        • Totally agree. It is child thought. Adults look at all of the options in a horrible situation and make the decision with the best possible outcome. The rhetoric around “Genocide Joe and Child Killer Joe” is infantile. Joe Biden has no desire for violence between Israel and the Palestinian people. It does nothing to advance US interests or his own political agenda and goals. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Joe Biden likely actively desires peace for Palestinian people from his personal perspective.

          These people that would sit out the election on a single issue are paving the way for a man who is a literal sociopath to return to office. This is a man who hates people of color, hates Muslims, has tried to ban them from even entering the US, and would literally stand by and watch a real genocide take place in Gaza without giving a single fuck.

          The fact that these students don’t understand the impact of their votes and choices is pathetic and demonstrates a tragic lack of rational thinking.

          But at least they FEEL like they are DOING SOMETHING.

        • A vote for Trump is a vote for what is best for the country (now) and in the future. Lack of votes for Brandon will be due to the manner in which he is destroying the US now. Mostly due to the rise in inflation and the open border allowing illegal aliens into the US. Vote Trump 2024.

      • The ICJ disagrees with a couple posters here, as do I. It’s genocide according to them if Israel continues what they’re doing. Look it up. It’s easy to find.

        It’s the action not the “call” that matters. For every Hamas guy they take down they’re killing what, thousands of innocent civilians. It’s genocide. At this rate they’ll be wiping out the population in Gaza, and I’ll bet there will be Hamas still standing somewhere. Israel has a choice, and Netenyahu has chosen to hunt down and kill Hamas at any cost.

        • Nope. What you are saying is false.

          Read what the ICJ actually said, not what you heard they said or what you think they said.

          I’ll make it reeeeeeeeally easy for you. Here is what the presiding ICJ judge said:

          “A day later, Joan Donoghue – now retired from the ICJ – appeared on the BBC’s HARDtalk programme and explicitly tried to end the debate by setting out what the court had done.
          “It did not decide – and this is something where I’m correcting what’s often said in the media… that the claim of genocide was plausible,” said the judge.
          “It did emphasise in the order that there was a risk of irreparable harm to the Palestinian right to be protected from genocide. But the shorthand that often appears, which is that there’s a plausible case of genocide, isn’t what the court decided.””

          So the actual President and Presiding Judge of the ICJ is CORRECTING people like you who misunderstand the issue and the ruling. And she is correcting the record publicly that they did not decide that the claim of “genocide” was plausible.

          Even this highly politically driven UN legal body has not supported the claim that the claim that Israel is committing genocide is plausible.

          Done. Period. You’re welcome.

          • I figured you’d try and split some hairs. I know what they said. If you deny the genocide claim, then you’re really on a razor edge of support. Good luck with that. Also, lots of folks see what’s going on with their own eyes, and think with their own minds. He’s mowing through them Alex, family after family. All innocent. Stay on your side. I think it’s an evil one, warmonger.

            • Also Basic, stow the baseless name calling. “Warmonger”. You have a history of not understanding the meaning of the words you use. Do you know what “Warmonger” means? Google it and then you can apologize.

        • Also, you are wrong that “for every Hamas guy they take down they’re killing what, thousands of innocent civilians.”

          Why are people so committed to making statements that are so obviously false.

          You are saying the casualty ratio of Hamas fighters is “thousands to one”.

          That is so absolutely ridiculous. So you think that they killed three hundred Hamas fighters or fewer. Really. And IDF have taken almost 300 KIA. So IDF, this monstrous overwhelming military force that is so well equipped and trained is 1:1 on casualties with Hamas?


          Even the Gaza ministry of health is reporting 69-75% of casualties as civilian. At 40k civilians, that is 10,000 Hamas fighters (assuming the high end and honest reporting from Hamas).

          By your statement of even a thousand to one, that would equal ten million civilian casualties. Do you even read what you write?

          • Your numbers are all wrong dude. And that’s because you’re buying into Israel’s own reporting (because you’re on their side and support their war) on the numbers of terrorists vs. civilians they’ve reported to have killed. Bias? Yeah.

              • You believe Hamas’ numbers?! You may not realize this but Hamas WANTS this war to keep on going. They don’t give a crap about their fellow Palestinians. They are a terrorist organization who is not to be believed whatsoever. They can say anything. You can google up whatever numbers you want. No one knows the real numbers on either side, but I’ll tell you one thing – the numbers are huge for innocent civilians compared to the terrorists.

                I’ll stay on the side of the civilians – who are getting wiped out for no fault of their own. Hamas isn’t THEIR government either, dude.

                • So you are incapable of having a discussion based in fact. I used Hamas’ numbers to tilt towards your argument to the greatest extent possible and demonstrate, even then, that your claim of “thousands of civilian dead for every Hamas terrorist” is laughable. I’ve shown it. I’ve also demonstrated that your claim that the ICJ found Israel guilty of committing genocide is false. You just can’t handle being wrong.

                  • No, let me explain this again. I thought you’d get it the first time. But it’s maybe over your head. Hamas. NOT the government of Palestine. Now, they are terrorists? Yes. They are a minority faction in their country? Yes. They don’t care about civilians in their country or any others’? Yes.

                    Here’s a question for you. Are they honestly reporting their own casualties? No. Why would they? They are in complete war mode. I personally believe that they’ll happily sell the idea to anyone like you in the world who will readily buy into a google’d press release that they are taking bigger losses than they are willing to admit.

                    Ever read “the art of war”?

                    But hey I’d say Mr Alex, let’s quit going back and forth. You feel ok with letting this strategy of yours play out with civilians on both sides getting destroyed for really no good reason. I feel otherwise.

                    I’m not the one who is wrong. The ones who are wrong here are those like you who are ok continuing to allow the sacrifice of thousands of innocent civilians.

                    • Yeah, you’re wrong.

                      Hamas is the single governing elected entity in Gaza and has been since 2006 when they were elected. Hamas is the government. Period.

                      Prove me wrong.

                      What I think is so funny here is that you believe I am taking Hamas at their word on the casualties. I’ve stated many times that it is in their interests to lie about how many civilians have died. It’s like you don’t actually read the things you respond to, nor do you read the responses that you write–they are truly untethered from reality.

                      Now got and do some homework and educate yourself on the facts.

                      1. Hamas is the government of Gaza.
                      2. ICJ has not found that there is a genocide occurring in Gaza.
                      3. Learn the meaning of the word “Warmonger”.

                      But you won’t. You can’t. Your ego won’t allow you to admit when you have been proven wrong.

                    • Oh and by the way, consistent with your inability to track anything factual in a discussion, just FYI, none of this recent back and forth has anything to do with my supporting or even opposing Israeli policy.

                      (And, your statement that “You feel okay with letting this strategy of yours play out…” LOL, Wut? You think you are talking to a member of Netanyahu’s government? )

                      No, this recent back and forth has been about one thing only–the facts.

                      I’ve disproven your claims on the facts. That has nothing to do with my position on the war.

        • LOL, I saw your claim about my “splitting hairs”.

          You’re lying. Again. I gave you the quote from the preceding judge of the ICJ that rendered the real decision.

          It’s crystal clear.

          “Splitting hairs”. LOL, liar.

  8. These protest theatrics and the harassment of other students which has come along with it at many college campuses is the manifestation of extreme immaturity. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be gained in the way of the safety or freedom of the Palestinian people through these actions. In fact, it will turn off and alienate people who are currently somewhat neutral or uninvolved in the issue. It promotes confrontation. It sets the stage for violence. It’s like the people shutting down freeways and fucking with other people’s lives because of a view that, when someone somewhere is suffering or in pain, some form of suffering should extend to anyone who isn’t actively on board.

    It’s child thinking. Have these students taken the time to sit down and review what has worked in the past to sway public opinion on an issue like this? Have they come at this with intention? That is the real measuring stick of their beliefs and activism. Clearly the answer is no, they haven’t.

    Just a bunch of slogans that many of them don’t understand or question. A bunch of screaming and yelling and fucking shit up so that THEY feel they are DOING SOMETHING instead of actually doing anything at all.

    • Somehow, my thoughts seem to come to me as song lyrics these days. When the protests started it was Mick Jagger’s “…I sit and watch the children play, doing things I used to do, they think are new…” Lately, it’s Bob Dylan, reflecting on his “protest years” (from the ripe old age of 24): “Half-wracked prejudice leaped forth, “Rip down all hate” I screamed. Lies that life is black and white spoke from my skull, I dreamed…But I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

      For most of the protesters, their cause is just. Looking back, they may have reason to rethink their actions.

  9. Yes, the Jews who were raped, burned, tortured and murdered on October 7th will never take their finals.
    It is all up to Hamas; if you didn’t want your people killed in collateral damage of war, don’t invade and murder your neighbors! Especially when those neighbors give you millions in AID.
    I suggest every one of these protestors watch, “The Tattooist of Auschwitz”! GET A CLUE of where REAL genocide has existed.

  10. All you handwringers so concerned about Palestine and Israel- You might want to be more concerned about what is going on in your own backyard- Specifically, The crumbling State of California, the forced mandates our Government is placing on all of us that affect YOUR LIVES… I know I’m talking over the heads of those with Ukraine Flags (remember Ukraine, the last handwringers cause) and Palestinian Flags hanging on the front of their homes and apartments….

UC Santa Barbara employees with the UAW union go on strike on June 3, 2024 (Photo: courtesy / UAW 4811)

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