Last Minute Solar Eclipse Tips

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Last Minute Solar Eclipse Tips
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The solar eclipse is almost here! Check out a few tips and local suggestions for places to watch it:

1. The sun will be in full view by 9:00 a.m., unless there is fog or a marine layer

2. If a marine layer is present, it might be best to avoid the beach areas

3. Other locations to see the eclipse: Franchesci Park, Lizards Mouth, Painted Cave, San Marcos Pass, W. Camino Cielo, Knapps Castle, TV Hill

4. Make sure your viewing apparatus is safe. A solar eclipse can blind you, read this first. Also, here are more safety glasses tips from NASA>

5. Be careful of where you're standing and where you park due to oncoming traffic. 

6. Have a great time and share your photos!

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yourfakereality Aug 21, 2017 12:53 PM
Last Minute Solar Eclipse Tips

Of course two minutes is "way too short", but the real question is "how can a sphere 2,100 miles in diameter cast a shadow that's only 70 miles across?" (The only logical answer is that the Moon is MUCH closer & WAY smaller than NASA claims it is. None of the BS diagrams of the eclipse show the Earth, Moon & Sun at their true scale - they have the Moon right next to the Earth, and the Sun right next to the Moon, when in reality the Moon is about 30 Earth diameters away, and the Sun 400 times farther than that. The Moon's shadow would've been a lot bigger than 2,100 miles, and would've lasted WAY longer than 2 minutes if it were really as NASA claims it is.)

sacjon Aug 21, 2017 01:14 PM
Last Minute Solar Eclipse Tips

Ok, ok I'll bite... Why has NASA been "lying" to us about the size and distance of the Moon? What purpose does it serve to lie to us?

a-1503352839 Aug 21, 2017 03:00 PM
Last Minute Solar Eclipse Tips

Faker - If the shadow is only 70 miles across, why did Santa Barbara see a partial eclipse? The shadow of the Moon was thousands of miles wide. It has a dense, dark part, or umbra, and a lighter penumbra, because the Sun is big enough to have an angular size in the sky. It's similar to the shadow you cast when illuminated by two streetlights. That's a simple enough concept that even you may be able to grasp it.

a-1503361582 Aug 21, 2017 05:26 PM
Last Minute Solar Eclipse Tips

FAKER... you remind me of the guy who went up in a commercial airline, got a window seat and used a bubble level to prove to himself the horizon was perfectly straight and flat and therefore the earth must be flat. Compound that with never having seen people living upside down which of course they must be in the southern hemisphere if the world is indeed round. :-)

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