Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update

Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update title=
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Project (Project) provides a 2.6 mile-long separated pathway for bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities along Las Positas and Modoc Roads. This path provides critical local and regional connections. Construction began in late September 2020, with an estimated 18-month construction duration, which also includes the planting of replacement trees and landscaping.

The City’s contractor, Rasmussen, has substantially completed paving of the entire multiuse path (see photos on pages 3 – 6). Over the next couple of weeks, Rasmussen will be constructing the concrete median islands at:

  Modoc Road and Calle De Los Amigos

  Las Positas Road and Meadows Lane

  Las Positas Road and Veronica Springs Road

  Las Positas Road and Richelle Lane

  Las Positas Road and South of Rebecca Way

  Las Positas Road and Jerry Harwin Parkway

Traffic control and temporary delays along Modoc Road and Las Positas Road should be expected while the concrete medians are constructed. The public is reminded that the speed limit is reduced to 35- mph, and the temporary striping has been shifted to allow enough buffer for construction work to occur safely. Drivers must temporarily share the road with cyclists and proceed cautiously within the Las Positas corridor during construction.

After the median islands are installed, Rasmussen will install the guardrails and the handrails on top of the concrete barrier walls. Rasmussen’s subcontractor, Marina Landscape, will also be performing landscape work and tree installation starting at Modoc Road and work their way to Las Positas Road and then down to Cliff Drive.

The City thanks the public for their continued cooperation and patience during the final stages of construction of this important Vision Zero Project. For more information, please visit the Project website:

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sbbeachguy Nov 09, 2021 07:35 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update

We rode the new Modoc Road portion about a month ago. Barriers at each intersection but really nice to not be mixing with the cars on Modoc. We are looking forward to riding all the way from Goleta to Arroyo Burro Beach, wish they would improve Modoc Road from where the Coast Route bike path ends up to the new bike path.

Luvaduck Nov 09, 2021 08:22 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update

I hope it will keep bums-on-bikes-without-lights safer at night. On the way home from choir practice in the winter darkness, twice I had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting one & I use my bright headlights & don't speed. Scary.

SBTownie Nov 09, 2021 03:28 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update

I hope it also stays 35, both as someone who likes to drive fast, and as a bicyclist. With the new light, I don't think it can be 55. I would become unreasonably enraged when people who not utilize the 55mph limit and creep along at 40, so it's better for my mental health if the limit is 35 and then I can't be angry 50% of the time I'm driving there. ;)

Byzantium Nov 09, 2021 10:08 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update

EWS is state owned property, teetering on bankruptcy, with a board of directors unconnected to the immediate neighborhood. Only the Calif Highway Patrol has jurisdiction over the property. Quick and dirty rentals with massive sound amplification are revenue raisers for them, knowing they are totally exempt from any local sound ordinances.

EWS is part of the state fairgrounds operation and under the control of our local elected state representatives (Limon/Bennett) who have ignored all noise complaints for years. Noise from these events vibrate windows miles away. First step - no more amplified music. Acoustic sounds only.

Support these public service venues by creating funding endowments with state tax revenue, so they don't have to resort to being bad neighbors just to make ends meet. EWS showgrounds has public value and have served as important evacuation centers nearly annually - most recently for animals during the Alisal Fire. But their grotesquely loud, and now violent concerts must cease.

letmego Nov 10, 2021 09:20 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Construction Update

I was running on the Goleta bike path one day, and a cyclist (not one of the speedy ones) suggested that "it's better for your joints to run over there in the dirt! Um, thanks?

Another cyclist yelled at me to move over...when I was clearly still on my side of the path. People are just grumpy.

I look forward to it opening up - I may actually start riding my bike to work again.

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