Large Fight Near State and Ortega

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Report of four juveniles beating up a homeless guy at State at Ortega. Now there are 10 subjects fighting. SB Police are responding with lights and sirens (code 3)

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Gregoreo May 17, 2021 07:55 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

Ahhh cool, I was wondering where’s all these code 3 cops going. I was chilling by the downtown post office watching all the last minute tax extender folks send their stuff. It was kinda fun seeing all the worry on their faces :P
Then came the mail collector guy, looked a bit like Craig from Malcolm in the Middle, if you know what I mean.

CoastWatch May 17, 2021 06:32 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

I would venture to guess it had to do with DRUGS- The gangs supply the vagrants with meth...

Roger May 17, 2021 05:51 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

Here is thee LOWDOWN The homeless guy beat up one of the juveniles using his belt to whup him and it sounds like the other jumped in to stop him. The homeless guy is detained at State street and Haley and probably will be in custody as soon as he is identified by the victim..Roger out.

ScannerAndrew May 17, 2021 05:50 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

Police are chasing the homeless individual because the juveniles said the homeless person attacked first

Roger May 17, 2021 05:46 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

Victim leaving Southbound on Chapala SBPD is with the Juveniles turns out it might have been a fight but you all know I only report what I hear so...

Roger May 17, 2021 05:44 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

Assault and Battery on an homeless man happened to me once 40 years ago when I was homeless and I chased those kids acouple blocks...

Rypert Johnson May 18, 2021 10:01 AM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

CHILLINGRILLIN, given all the "houseless neighbor" activity, sure I'm on a tear my friend and... so are you! But hey, as long as you're not starting fires or wreaking havoc on the community with "houseless neighbor" antics, all good with me sir/maam. Now, don't start any fires, alright?

Rypert Johnson May 18, 2021 09:58 AM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

Roger, like I said to SACJON, no man, not into violence against anyone, unless in self defense. But if one of these individuals does try and attack me, you'll probably be writing about it on this forum and I promise you, you WILL have LOTS to write about! I'll even give you the highlights!
But seriously, I am against the use of violence where it isn't needed. If I'm walking down the sidewalk and I run across one of our "houseless neighbors" on the path, as long as we keep our space and acknowledge or presence, no problem.
If asked for spare change, I will give a terse "NO." response, but if it leads to any physicality, then all bets are off and so are the gloves.
But honestly, none of us here need to be violent toward the "houseless neighbors" because they see to find ways to bring violence onto themselves through their behavior and actions.
We have more cases of "bum on bum" acts of violence, but that gets ignored because after all, it's two "houseless neighbors" going at it, that's par for the course.
This case is interesting, what was a "houseless neighbor" doing confronting gang bangers? Was it over drugs? Disrespect? Turf? That's the "a LOT" that probably won't make the headlines.
Regardless, just another day in the life of another "houseless neighbor" in our community, never a dull moment. Entertaining to a degree, pathetic on all levels.

Rypert Johnson May 18, 2021 09:50 AM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

A-1621299960, what is meant/implied by "a LOT more" is that since a "houseless neighbor" is involved, certain individuals in the media who are associated with Homeless Inc. will suppress as much as possible to keep the "houseless neighbors" a "protected species" to quell public outrage about the problem.
Of course, there's also going to be suppresasin by law enforecement to protect the rights of all parties involved as well as maintain the integrity of an investigation, should one take place.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 05:51 PM
Large Fight Near State and Ortega

LOLOL! SACJON, no, but one of the things I didn't touch on in the last commentary is community backlash. My encampment idea would protect the "houseless neighbors" from incidents such as this.
I don't particularly like the bad "houseless neighbors" that are destroying our communities, but I also absolutely abhor gang members.
Seems like the worst of two worlds met in a chance of fate and it is sad, but I guarantee you, there is a LOT to this story we won't hear.

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