Land Development Team Expands On-Demand Permit Types

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

On November 9, 2020 the Community Development Department deployed an On-Demand permitting process for simple reroofing building permits. We are happy to announce the types of On-Demand permits available has been expanded!

Applicants are now able to apply online, pay fees, and instantly receive their building permit via email – no staff contact needed. This On-Demand service is now available for:

•           Like-for-Like Reroofing

•           1 & 2 Family Home Water Heater Replacement

•           1 & 2 Family Home Electrical Panel Replacement

•           1 & 2 Family Home HVAC System Replacements

•           1 & 2 Family Home Roof Mounted Solar PV (10kW max) Optional Battery ESS (27kW max).

The City of Santa Barbara is committed to streamlining the permitting process while also finding ways to meet its energy and climate goals through thoughtful policies and programs that make it easier for our community to take sustainable action. Streamlining solar and battery storage permits through this on-demand program will support an energy-resilient Santa Barbara.

The On-Demand permits are available using your Accela Citizen Access (ACA) account. Information on how to set up an account is available on our Building & Safety webpage under Online Building Permit Services Guide.

The Land Development Team thanks you for your help in reducing our environmental impact, and we hope that you enjoy our new electronic service enhancements.

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biguglystick Feb 23, 2021 10:41 AM
Land Development Team Expands On-Demand Permit Types

100% agree! That is money grabbing government overstepping for SURE! Makes my blood boil. You toil and scrap and save... and if you're among the VERY LUCKY, you get to own a home. Home ownership should come with some autonomy. Needing a PERMIT to change an appliance is nutzo. Pfffft! I would just change it. Screw the city.

PitMix Feb 22, 2021 04:27 PM
Land Development Team Expands On-Demand Permit Types

The rule is that any work over $500 at your house requires a permit. They figure that anything over that amount will possibly affect safety. Can you imagine a fire danger if your water heater is improperly wired or connected to the gas line? Have you seen how those houses blow up when they fill with gas?

Channelfog Feb 23, 2021 08:40 AM
Land Development Team Expands On-Demand Permit Types

The water heater over pressure/over pressure safety valve is not always installed by DIY folks and is instead plugged. When a steam explosion happens in a water heater, they have been known to rocket up through 3 floors in a wood framed building. Truly deadly! Done to code, all is good, permit or no IMHO. Especially as replacement is so frequent.
The other amazing thing is that we, and most people I know, get 9 yrs and a few months service before the WH fails. They are guaranteed for 10 years. Now THAT is engineering.

Basicinfo805 Feb 22, 2021 08:45 PM
Land Development Team Expands On-Demand Permit Types

Wow. What a ridiculous status quo from the City system. But hey, some folks like it that way. And thus it's no wonder that many of us resent the City of SB beaurocracy.

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