Labor Day in Oak Park

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Labor Day in Oak Park
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By Robert Bernstein

Last weekend was the annual Labor Day barbecue picnic in Oak Park, sponsored by the Democratic Party.

Here are all of my photos!

About 100 people were in attendance for the occasion.

Woody's BBQ catered a delicious meal of chicken, rice, beans and salad

Featured speakers included Congress Member Salud Carbajal who is running for re-election

California State Controller Betty T. Yee who is running for re-election

Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte who is running for Goleta Mayor under the new system

James Kyriaco who is running for Goleta City Council

Gloria Soto, candidate for Santa Maria City Council

Rafael "Rafa" Gutierrez, candidate for Santa Maria City Council

Kathleen Werner, candidate for Goleta Water Board

Darcél Elliott, candidate for SB City College Trustee

Luz Reyes-Martin is running for re-election to the Goleta Union School Board. She also serves with me on the Sierra Club Santa Barbara Group Executive Committee. Here she poses with her husband and one of her children

Many of the candidates posed for a group photo

The theme of the event was honoring labor. The featured speaker was a union organizer

Former Congress Member Lois Capps was one of many other notables in attendance!

Here were Goleta City Council member Kyle Richards and Goleta Water Board member Lauren Hanson

We are not as notable, but we posed, too!

Notice my Aloha shirt that I had purchased at the Ventura Aloha Festival the day before!

Or course my friend Gary Atkins did his usual superb job of sound engineering

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22701015201 Sep 12, 2018 09:15 AM
Labor Day in Oak Park

Aging Democrats out of touch with Progressives. Take a look at these photos. All you see are older white adults. You don't see the youth of today. The dysfuntional Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County is out of touch and needs real change. - They are the reason we have elected Democratic leaders who put special interests groups above residents.

Rto Sep 12, 2018 10:56 AM
Labor Day in Oak Park

What are you even talking about? Take another look. I see a cross-section of many ethnicities. Most are mature, but a few on the youthful side.

And if the youth of today wants change, they should get involved. No one is stopping them from running for office. And no one is going to hand it to them on a silver platter either. It takes intelligence, a strong message and hard work.

Hard work.

sbrobert Sep 18, 2018 04:41 PM
Labor Day in Oak Park

Thank you RTO. Almost all of the candidates are in their 20s or 30s and of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
The attendees tend to be older because the lunch is a fund raiser. Younger people may not be able to afford that. But they are certainly welcome to attend.

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