La Cumbre Mutual Water Company Announces Voluntary Reduction in Water Consumption

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Source: La Cumbre Mutual Water Company

The Board of Directors of the La Cumbre Mutual Water Company (Company), prompted by the extreme statewide drought and calls by California Governor Gavin Newsom, has set a goal of reducing overall water use by 20%. The Board adopted this ambitious target at its regular board meeting on August 22, 2021, after reviewing data on current consumption, short term and long-term water supplies and availability, and upon recommendation of staff.  With most of the Company’s water going to outdoor uses, little things like customers adjusting their irrigation settings for shorter periods of time or fewer days per week, or fixing leaks, can achieve the goal in short order.

“Today the La Cumbre Mutual Water Company’s current water supplies are adequate to meet customer demand, but with this extreme drought affecting water contractors throughout the state, and the Western States, we need to remind our customers about the importance of conservation,” said General Manager Mike Alvarado. “Water conservation needs to be encouraged. Conserved water needs to be treated and managed like any other source of water, and our voluntary conservation goal is used to bring water use among our customers in line with demand. Each customer needs to make the decision to conserve, while maintaining their properties, as we are all in this together. The Water Company is here to assist our customers with water use reduction and conservation behaviors.”

“Unfortunately, as a shareholder-owner mutual water company we do not have the access that water districts and municipal utilities to state and federal funding,” added Board President Alex Rodriguez. “We have increased our presence and activity in Washington, DC and Sacramento, engaging with elected officials and agencies, in efforts to remind our elected leaders that we are here. I cannot praise our staff enough for the hard work they have undertaken to ensure the Company has water in our system. Bottom line is that we live in a desert, and we need to take care of this precious natural resource. We are exploring several out-of-the-box solutions, but for now, all of us need to conserve as much as we can.”

“Our board of directors has been very helpful, encouraging and are working hard to help us find and implement solutions,“ added Mr. Alvarado. “We have a very active board that has many years of experience in dealing with water, utility and natural resources issues, and I am confident that their hard work on behalf of our customers and the Company will pay off. We are excited to continue working on our conservation and other projects that promote regional cooperation and resiliency. Our State Water is at 5% of our allocation, like other water agencies in the state, and we run the risk of over burdening the ground water basin. Conservation is key.”

About La Cumbre Mutual Water Company

Incorporated in 1925, the La Cumbre Mutual Water Company is a shareholder-owned corporation that provides water to about 5,000 residents and businesses in unincorporated Santa Barbara. The service area, with about 1,490 connections, includes Hope Ranch and the Hope Ranch Annex. The Water Company is managed by a five-member board of directors elected by shareholders of the Company. For conservation tips please visit our website at

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a-1630206694 Aug 28, 2021 08:11 PM
La Cumbre Mutual Water Company Announces Voluntary Reduction in Water Consumption

"Voluntary" has been very effective; kudos to us citizens.
Everyone who is well-off enough should have drip irrigation, rain water collection, laundry gray water and garden design that maximizes water absorption in their land.

The low take-up on solar and water systems saddens me daily. It also confounds me.

I know the stats about ag water. Lots of farms in north and central California are letting almond orchards die, and making other cutbacks out of necessity.

Thomas John Aug 29, 2021 07:16 AM
La Cumbre Mutual Water Company Announces Voluntary Reduction in Water Consumption

Yep. Agriculture in California uses about 80% of the water and contributes 2.8% to the GDP. Yes, people have to eat - but CA is the largest exporter of almonds in the world. Somewhere around 90% of the almonds worldwide. I'd rather have a green lawn.

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