Kevin Receives a Home and TLC

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Kevin Receives a Home and TLC
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Source: Santa Barbara Humane

Kevin is a senior toy poodle who had been in several homes and shelters before he arrived at Santa Barbara Humane. Upon intake, it was obvious that the senior toy poodle was having trouble walking and was bumping into things. The medical team discovered he was blind from glaucoma. To give Kevin a pain-free life, surgery was scheduled in the donor-funded medical clinic to remove his eyes.

When Kevin was under anesthesia, the medical team discovered that glaucoma wasn’t his only issue. Kevin’s teeth were in poor condition, so he received a dental cleaning and several infected teeth were removed. Further examination also revealed a cancerous lump on his leg which was removed.

But Kevin’s story isn’t about his pain and suffering. It’s about hope and compassion. Today Kevin is adopted. Healed. Loved.

Once Kevin had healed from his procedures, it didn’t take long for the sweet boy to find a home. His adopter reports he is gaining confidence and has become a “big sweetheart” who recently began playing with toys and even put his paws in the Santa Ynez River. This sweet boy now has many more adventures ahead of him.

Kevin’s care would reach $4,000 somewhere else. But because of local donors, this care was provided before he was adopted. The TLC Fund exists so all dogs and cats get the care they need— whether they are in a home with a loving family or still looking for their perfect match.

To learn more about the services available for your pet at Santa Barbara Humane or to donate to help animals like Kevin, visit

Santa Barbara Humane operates two campuses located in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria providing care for community-owned and homeless animals. Both campuses offer affordable high-quality veterinary care, compassionate behavior training programs, and a relinquishment program for owners who can no longer care for their pets. Homeless animals receive medical care, shelter, and basic behavior training until their adoption.

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Summertime Sep 02, 2021 02:52 PM
Kevin Receives a Home and TLC

Thank you for finding such a good home for Kevin to have as his forever home.....

channelcat5 Sep 02, 2021 06:22 PM
Kevin Receives a Home and TLC

Such a sweet story. We love you Kevin! Happy “Tails” are very much needed these days. Yay!

a-1630638223 Sep 02, 2021 08:03 PM
Kevin Receives a Home and TLC

A wonderful good news story! I'd love a dog like him.

Please remember that the County Animal Shelter is legally bound to take in all animals. The Humane Society is not.
Of course I support the Humane Society also, but put the shelter first.

SB County Animal Care Foundation:

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