Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July title=
Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July
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Source: Santa Barbara Humane Society

The Fourth of July may be a day of celebration and fun for us, but it can be a day of high anxiety for our pets. The loud noises from fireworks can be stressful for an animal and may cause them to hide in fear or more often, try to escape. In fact, more pets flee during the Fourth of July weekend than any other time of year.

While your pet may never enjoy the festivities on the Fourth, there are some steps that you can take to help keep them safe and calm on Independence Day.

● Keep your pet inside as much as possible. It’s the safest place for them! Animals are more likely to escape if they are already outside. If your pets haven’t displayed a fear of fireworks, they could be harmed by them.

● If you must have your pet outside, don’t leave them alone. Make sure that there is always someone with your pet who can soothe them and ensure their safety.

● Check to ensure your pet’s ID tag is securely attached to their collar. Low cost tags are available at your local pet supply and home improvement supply stores.

● If you know your pet has a microchip, is all information up to date? Visit​ and enter your pet’s chip number. Unsure if your pet is chipped? Visit a local vet who can read for a chip in your pet.

● Give your pet some extra exercise during the day. If they are tired out, they may just sleep through the festivities.

● Play music, turn on the tv, or use a white noise machine to help cover the sound of fireworks.

● Keep your pets busy with a puzzle toy. Working to solve the puzzle and get treats can help distract your pet from the noise and light from fireworks.

● Another item you could purchase for pets with anxiety is a Thundershirt. These tight-fitting vests Velcro around the animal providing comfort and can help your dog feel safe during a fireworks show. These can be found online and at local pet supply stores.

● If you know that your pet has a history of being excessively anxious during thunderstorms or fireworks shows, you should seek assistance from your local veterinarian who can prescribe sedatives to help them through the weekend.


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a-1593643863 Jul 01, 2020 03:51 PM
Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

If only the citizens would stop shooting off fireworks in our neighborhoods that could be true but this has been the worst year for neighborhood fireworks ever thanks to people bored from covid. My poor dog is scared all the time because people are shooting them off day and night. So lame!

a-1593703340 Jul 02, 2020 08:22 AM
Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

No fireworks, so don't need to pull the curtains against the flares this year that can bother animals, but there will unfortunately probably be plenty of noise from private citizens' displays. As I say every year, fireworks can now be ordered that don't have a bang packaged with their ingredients. Cities are using them. Better for animals, better for veterans, etc. This is a good time for the city to be urged to arrange bang-less fireworks for next year.

salsa guy Jul 02, 2020 08:37 AM
Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

This is first time I’ve seen fireworks with ratings for height, color and noise. 4 is the max in all categories with 1 the minimum. I found lots of 4,4 and 2, but nothing where noise was 1. Nice step forward. Enjoy the 4th

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