Keep Live Animals Out of Easter Baskets

Keep Live Animals Out of Easter Baskets title=
Keep Live Animals Out of Easter Baskets
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Source: Public Health Department

Animals given as cute Easter pets lose their appeal and they can become overwhelming for families. Santa Barbara County Animal Services urges Easter basket givers to avoid live animals and elect to give a chocolate bunny or candy shaped chicks instead.

Rabbits are common but misunderstood creatures. They are not cuddly pets happy to be toted around by their young owners. Nor are they low-maintenance animals, content to sit idly in their cages. Rather, rabbits are highly social but often fragile creatures that require regular interaction with their human family, an appropriate diet, and veterinary care provided by a rabbit-savvy veterinarian. Like cats and dogs, they must be spayed or neutered for both behavioral and health reasons.

Small, soft, fluffy chicks are adorable and tempting to include in your Easter festivities. These chicks grow into adult birds and have ongoing needs. Many areas of Santa Barbara County have zoning ordinances prohibiting roosters and strict guidelines about owning hens. Often young chicks, sold in stores, are identified incorrectly and those willing to keep the hens find themselves with a rooster they are unable to keep.

If you have your mind set on having a real Easter bunny in your home Easter morning, we urge community members to plan a visit to your local shelter. Our trained staff and volunteers can help ensure your home and the appropriate rabbit are set up for success.

Rabbit adoptions are $30 and include a health checked altered rabbit as well as support during the transition. Stop by your local shelter in Lompoc at 1501 W. Central Ave, in Santa Barbara at 5473 Overpass Rd, and in Santa Maria at 548 W. Foster Rd and let us help you ensure a happy and healthy Easter experience for all.

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horsegirl Mar 30, 2018 08:31 PM
Keep Live Animals Out of Easter Baskets

remember the story on here a while back about the woman who went and dumped a bunch of rabbits in the mountains? I also saw in a facebook group a couple of days ago a young girl (18 or so) posting that she was giving away her 1 year old dog that had been given to her as a graduation gift because she didn't have time for it. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE PETS AS GIFTS!!

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