Kayakers Rescued Off Ventura Coast

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By edhat staff

Two kayakers were rescued in Ventura County after going missing off the coast of Carpinteria.

At 3:00 p.m. Saturday, Santa Barbara County Air Support responded with the Carpinteria/Summerland and Montecito Fire Departments for a report of two kayakers in distress off the Carpinteria shore.

Helicopter 3 was launched with firefighters and paramedics on board. The helicopter began a search pattern for the two missing women on outrigger canoes. The women were located off Hobsons Beach in Ventura County, a significant distance away from Carpinteria.

Rescue boats and a Coast Guard helicopter were launched to assist as Helicopter 3 needed to turn back to refuel. 

The women were reportedly rescued and safely brought to shore.

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a-1613346437 Feb 14, 2021 03:47 PM
Kayakers Rescued Off Ventura Coast

From what I heard, this story isn’t entirely accurate. I heard that the women were on a “downwinder” one-way paddle from Carp to Ventura. They were reported missing by someone who saw them launch in Carp and not return (because they were headed to Ventura). The rescue team did make contact with the paddlers, who explained the situation, then continued on their way.

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