Kayakers Rescued Off Gaviota Beach

Kayakers rescued off Gaviota Beach onJune 21, 2024 (Photo: Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Two kayakers were rescued off Gaviota Beach on Friday.

At 5:28 p.m., Santa Barbara County Firefighters responded one mile west of the beach.

Crews discovered two kayaks. One was submerged in water with its kayaker swimming approximately 1000 yards off the beach.

County Fire Water Rescue Team with County Parks launched rescue jet skis.

Both kayakers were rescued without injuries.

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    • Interesting take. Don’t expect a rescue no matter where you are or what you do, “in this day and age”. Be smart, know your limits, know the weather, and never ever expect someone will always be there to bail you out. And oh yeah, cell phones don’t always work.

        • 3/10 is lightweight! – practically a daily thing for a lot of folks. Shoot, how about back pain, headaches, UTI’s, food poisoning, and the like as examples of 3/10’s? I’d say at least a 5/10 and no one nearby to help you out before calling in a helicopter and a rescue team that’s putting their lives in danger trying to rescue you. But hey, it all depends on your pain tolerance, self-reliance, and yes…your pride. Some have more than others.

        • ANON – Also, sprains must be confirmed prior to calling for rescue. Heck, you shouldn’t even have your phone with you, as cell phones “never have been” use to anyone in an injury/rescue situation. So sayeth a former USFS worker so it must be true.

      • Yeah, never said that. Definitely don’t assume you will be rescued no matter what, but people going for a simple kayak, hike, etc should be aware that there are rescue services available and that keeping their cell phones on them (charged) should be a priority.

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