K9 Trail Rescue on Mission Ridge Fire Road

K9 Trail Rescue on Mission Ridge Fire Road title=
Photos: SBCSAR
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Source: Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue (SBCSAR)

Meet Ryder, a happy-go-lucky pup that ran into some difficulty [this week] sustaining a rear leg injury while trailing running with his owner. SBCSAR responded with a small team and a vehicle up the Mission Ridge fire road when it was determined that Ryder would be much more comfortable driven down than hiked or carried. Ryder, Gracie and their human companion were driven down to the trailhead where a team member who also is a veterinarian met them and was able to provide a more thorough evaluation of Ryder’s injury and recommendations to be seen by his primary veterinarian for follow up.

Ryder and Gracie love going running out on the trails in the Santa Barbara area, anyone can get hurt on the trails even when you are being most careful. SBCSAR has performed numerous K9 rescues in the county and we are always happy to assist our four legged friends and human companions.

Did you know? SBCSAR trains team members to provide K9 first aid under the direction of a local veterinarian, who also happens to be a member of the SAR team. We have a K9 specific first aid bag that allows us to perform basic first aid, evaluate and provide fluids to those that may be dehydrated. SBCSAR also has a K9 specific victim harness that can be used to evacuate a K9 in a rope rescue operation or from a precarious location such as a cliff or rock face.

Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue is a professional, all volunteer and unpaid 501(c)3 organization that is community supported by generous giving to provide services to the County of Santa Barbara under the direction of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. To learn about supporting SBCSAR, please visit our website or reach out to us.


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