Jogging High School Student Struck by Van in Goleta

Teen jogger struck by van in Goleta on May 31, 2024 (Photo: Geo Duarte)

A student in a small Cross Country group jogging near Dos Pueblos High in Goleta was struck by a small van on Friday.

She had her ankle possibly run over for a second or two, according to her two running mates.

The female driver of the gold colored van remained onsite and cooperated with the the S.B. Sheriffs Officers assigned to the scene of the vehicle vs pedestrian incident.

SBSO performed interviews with all of those available and involved on Friday, May 31, 2024 just before 3:20 PM.

The female victim’s condition is unavailable as she is a minor. Any other witnesses are asked to contact the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. with more information

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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  1. Putting aside the car accident that this lucky jogger survived; too many joggers and bike riders wear dark clothing. Many of our roads and streets have trees growing over bike lanes that are also used by joggers. Dark clothing blends into the surroundings. In the morning and in late afternoon, the sun is in the eyes of drivers going East and West respectively. Anyone on a bike, jogging or walking next to car and truck traffic should wear a safety vest. This would help drivers see them earlier. The vests are available for under $10.00; cheap insurance against being maimed or killed.

    • Fair. But man, that sounds so painful and I sincerely hope that this young high school woman has a swift and full recovery. Hoping it doesn’t affect her physically for years to come. It’s tough to sustain a major injury as a young athlete.

      Also, if the gold colored van is the VW, the female driver couldn’t be all that horrible of a person. Hope all are ok.

      • Yes, the gold colored van was the one involved. I know she meant no harm, she stayed at the scene till everyone was gone. Just an unfortunate series of oversights, in a super busy intersection.

        Even several decades ago when this town wasn’t being overrun by traffic, the design was awkward. Cars coming off the 101 Hwy would crash into cars coming out of a little street adjacent to the gas station that is now blocked off.

        A Caltrans review of the design is likely overdue, now that it is likely at its engineered possible limit during weekday rush hour. Hope the athlete injured has no lasting affects.

        There are plenty of residential routes in the area that can help joggers avoid the Glen Annie Bridge. When I was in Jr. High at GVJH, that bridge was a very narrow two lane bridge. A foot bridge is needed near Entrance Road, by Mathilda and Ellwood Beach Drives.

        Sometimes my friends and I would Jump the fence and run across the freeway during lunch to cut a half hour trip out of our lunch in order to go home to eat, and thus, get back in time. The 101 is soooo busy now, I hope nobody even tries it. PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT!!!

  2. These young athletes are very visible, as is any group of joggers crossing an intersection during the day. How did this driver clip one like this? Rushing the turn? Phone?

    Hope the young lady recovers well in time for their season!

    • The driver was a retired female, actually a former Dos Pueblos High School employee. I did not interview her. It has become a very very busy intersection. Nothing like I remember it a few decades away. It is buzzing with traffic, it is not bike or pedestrian friendly.

      There had just been a traffic collision on Mendocino and Calle Real a light gray Hundai Elantra got T-boned by gray Toyota sedan about five blocks away. I will upload more pics of both to Insta later today.

      • Not sure, looks like their comment may have been possibly deleted for some likely logical reckoning .

        Hey, at least the First Amendment is Socially available on Edhat. The comments section is FIRE, and empowering for those who have an opinion. Thank You,.

  3. Saw a video put together by the DPHS new team interviewing one of the other joggers and it looks like they were crossing Calle Real on a green light and the person in the van started turning right, right when they were in front of her. So, clearly some poor driving skills and inattention on the driver.

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