Jack-Knifed Semi Truck on Calle Real

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By Bob on the Scanner

A semi-truck jacknifed on Calle Real near the County buildings, at Camino Del Remedio. This is off the Turnpike exit.

Happened a little before 8:00a (Tues). Semi-truck is blocking all lanes preventing through traffic.

Heavy equipment is being called in to help move the 70,000 pound vehicle, per CHP.

There's a hard road closure on Calle Real between Dexter and San Antonio Streets.

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bosco May 23, 2023 04:24 PM
Jack-Knifed Semi Truck on Calle Real

I saw the police this morning and assumed it had something to do with the Bus/RV living situation on the side of the Calle Real. Guess not.

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