IVCSD and Earthcomb: A Successful Move-Out Partnership and a Move-In Education Campaign

By the Isla Vista Community Services District

The Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD) implemented a successful partnership with Earthcomb LLC during the recent Summer move-out period addressing 37,000lbs of litter through daily street cleaning for one month.

Residents expressed gratitude for the timely litter removal resulting in cleaner streets and smoother processes. Earthcomb’s unique employment approach provides opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness. IVCSD is now preparing to launch a Move-In Education and Resource Campaign, focusing on waste reduction and sustainable practices during move-in.

The Move-In Market on September 17th and 18th offers residents a chance to buy affordable, secondhand items collected during the June move-out period. IVCSD has also created the Move-In Magazine, offering practical advice on sustainable choices during move-in and throughout the year, along with local resources and shopping lists for sustainable items.

IVCSD remains committed to sustainability beyond move-in, providing year-round services like free unwanted item pickup and resources to assist residents in proper waste sorting for effective recycling.

Marcos Aguilar, President of the IVCSD Board of Directors, stated, “The partnership with Earthcomb during Move-Out is a shining success for our district. Earthcomb’s consideration of ocean runoff is something I am personally proud of, as the ocean is one of our most precious resources.”

Jenna Norton, Isla Vista Beautiful Program Manager, emphasized, “The goal is to inspire residents to create less waste throughout the school year, leading to a more environmentally friendly community.”

The Isla Vista Community Services District is Isla Vista’s first broad based local government, achieving 47 years of community advocacy for self governance. The IVCSD is empowered to provide eight critical services including public safety, housing mediation, community facilities, parking, graffiti abatement, lighting and sidewalks, and both a municipal advisory council and area planning commission. The Board is composed of five publicly elected directors and two directors appointed by UC Santa Barbara and the County of Santa Barbara.


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    • Now Basic wants big government – a task force to spy all day and all night on the comings of the students moving in and out so they can be cited, and even though they are adults, have their parents called. No solution other than “raise your kids better” and whining. “I never left a single bag of garbage on the street in IV when I moved.” I’m betting you didn’t walk away with a diploma either.

    • Without “big government” (which also just means more regulations), how will you enforce 1000s of people from leaving any litter, either intentionally or unintentionally (overflowing trash bins, packaging material falling out of cars/windows/hands, etc) during a giant event like this?
      You’re obviously EXTREMELY opinionated and opposed to UCSB hiring/working with this company that employs homeless people to help clean up the inevitable mess that occurs during this time of massive event. Fine. So, ONCE AGAIN, what is your solution? Leave it there and force the kids to clean it? What? Why can’t you answer this simple question that YOU instigated with your protest of this company?

    • I am opposed to this program. And I don’t think I’m “dumb”. And it’s not at all complicated for me, because I believe in teaching the next generation to do better than leaving all their crap on the street for someone’s else, homeless or not, to deal with. If you want to keep enabling that’s your take. It’s not mine.
      I think I made that point yesterday.

    • Do you understand what being opposed to trash clean up means? You’d prefer to leave that mess in the streets, at your place of work, allowing it to blow away in the wind, get washed/blown out to sea (where you also have an interest), just to make a point. Instead of using your tax dollars to pay for a janitorial crew to keep IV clean, you’d prefer to just leave it in the streets to rot and destroy the surrounding ecosystem. THAT is your point if that is your position. I’m sure you don’t think you’re dumb, but that position sure as shit is.

    • Basic, personally, I believe that you’re a doctor. And a licensed captain. And, so what? There are lots of doctors and lots of six pack license holders, and some of them are total dolts.
      With all your licenses, you still can’t answer a basic question.
      Here it is again–
      People often don’t clean up after themselves. You are opposed to a program that pays people to clean up our streets. That’s really dumb. I don’t know why this is so complicated for you and why you don’t take credit for your own words and opinions.

    • Got it, Basic. So you are opposed to people cleaning up our community because it’s wrong and irresponsible (of course you are right on that) for other people to litter in our community.
      So we should stop all public property trash collection and street cleaning and street washing because some people don’t clean up after themselves and keeping our streets clean is enabling.
      It’s incredible that you hold such an infantile view. And I didn’t say you are “dumb” but you definitely say a lot of dumb shit. And then you white knuckle your dumb statements as long as you can hold on because you’re convinced that you are really, really smart.
      And then at the end of the discussion you say that it’s a waste of time and people are trolling and you’re taking your toys and going home.
      And then you come back and say something dumb and it’s rinse and repeat.

    • Now, to address the article. Are you really saying, BASIC, that this is a bad idea to spend your precious tax dollars and “popularize” trash clean up? Did you read the article? The company doing this employs the homeless. So, your “tax dollars” are going to pay to not only help the homeless, but also keep your place of work clean. How is this not a win-win?
      Are you honestly sitting there complaining that someone is giving the homeless a job and that job is to clean up trash?
      Do you even read the articles you cry about or just start crying whenever you see your trigger words in a headline?

    • LOL you wish pal. I was teasing YOU, not commenting on the article – that’s why my comment was posted below and slightly to the right of yours, indicating I was replying to YOU, not making a new comment thread. Again….. golf claps for you for being such a perfect UCSB student (and now employee)!

  1. Sac, you’re really good at talking about enabling people to do the wrong thing and finding reasons to justify that. Lots of folks just don’t believe in that. Here’s an example, from the article: If your kid dumps his couch in the street along with a bunch of other crap, and then expects the homeless to come pick it up, you’re good with that? I’m not. I would say you take your kid back out there and have them clean up their own crap. Teach your kids how to act like an adult. That’s my point. Having the homeless clean up their garbage? Wow…

    • BASIC – furthermore….. where does it say this company is cleaning up leftover furniture? When you have an event involving thousands of people moving, there’s going to be some leftover trash. Why would people be dumping used furniture at the START of the school year anyway? Just more hateful make-believe from you.

    • BASIC – lol you’re so far from the point, it’s hilarious.
      1) There is absolutely NOTHING about a dumped couch in the article, so your “example, from the article” is just more of you making things up that YOU want the article to be about, when it’s really not.
      2) Like most topics, especially involving your school and your current employer, you flail about emotionally and ignore the point.
      3) Do you act this way Marborg comes to take your trash away? When your gardener cuts your lawn/hedges/whatever? When a janitor cleans up puke in a school hallway? Do you tell them, “stop! I don’t my tax dollars going to you to clean up after people!” Yeah, people should clean up after themselves, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay people to clean up what they miss or leave out.
      You’re so hateful of UCSB students that you can’t even see the glaring point here. Yeah, kids should be cleaner and not dump trash. SO WHAT? That’s not what this article is about. You are literally sitting here crying about homeless people being paid to a job that makes your workplace look better.

    • Yep, and this is move IN, but hey don’t let actual facts get in the way here……
      I just want to know why you oppose having a company, especially one that helps homeless people by giving them work (you know, so they can pull up their bootstraps, yeah?), clean up the inevitable mess that thousands will make as they move IN (not out now) to dorms?
      Why is this such a problem for you?

  2. Also, I have to say, what a fantastic idea to create a second hand marketplace for incoming students to be able to buy things left behind by previous students. It keeps perfectly good items from going to a landfill and provides a more affordable way for students to furnish their rooms. Very, very good.

  3. Amazing how people want to basically force homeless folks to do the “dirty work” for a nominal amount. Essentially, slave labor, which most of us are against, but some certainly believe it’s A-OK. I guess that’s how we are going to treat these folks….like the “manual scavenger” caste in India. No thanks!

    • BABY and BASIC are truly the epitome of conservativism. Cry and scream about something and then if we try to fix that something, they cry and scream about not wanting their holy tax dollars spent! Well, in Baby’s case, they just make up some ridiculous, totally devoid of reason and truth, excuse to be outraged at the solution to the problem they cry and scream about.

    • Baby, You rethugs don’t want to see homeless, yet you don’t want to fund any programs for them, and now you don’t want them to do honest work. The party of endless complaining about everything. Just last week you were complaining about the homeless in Goleta. These folks get paid minimum wage, $15.50 an hour. How in the heck is that slave labor? By your logic all of the people at McDonalds are slaves?

    • It’s quite interesting that each of us has come to essentially the same conclusion, albeit from several different directions. That’s a good thing and something to celebrate (WooooHoooo!!!) rather than the Us vs Them scenario. I’m not sure what the epitome of conservatism is in this regard, the cleanup that is, but maybe it has some meaning to someone. I suppose this board provides a much-needed avenue for some to vent. How the GOP affected anything within several hundred miles of this cleanup event is beyond me, but I suppose some folks just don’t like other folks soley based on political leanings. Whatevers…..

    • Either way, some of the IV mess has been cleaned up. However, I’m reading Basic and Baby as the WHO, so I suppose some clarification might be needed as to what is the WHAT in the comment. If the WHAT is “conservatism,” then the whole comment falls apart. At least it seems to fall apart as I read it, but then again….maybe not and it’s brilliant? clever? something along those lines? In the end though, it’s a “whatever” to me…..

    • GT- Your posts are a “word salad”. Wow, bro.
      No, I don’t want to pay for supposedly homeless to clean up the college student’s mess. I want the kids to clean up after themselves. Like we teach our kids to do…Or at least we do.
      I would rather, if were going to employ the homeless, that they get jobs that suit them. Not just the shitty basic jobs. Giving them those jobs doesn’t help. Train them into something they can excel at and make a living. Not some random temp shit job. That’s just pushing the narrative. Oh, look we have them working ! It’s like you all perceive them as things…

    • Baby “I’m not sure what the epitome of conservatism is in this regard, ” Last week you railed about the homeless in Goleta and have disparaged the hotels for the homeless in the past. Today you said they would be treated like slaves by getting paid for doing community work. So you don’t want to see the homeless, and you don’t want to pay for their will being via taxes, and now you don’t want to work. That’s the typical nature of the GOP current day.

    • Sac & Alex- Nope that’s not what I’m saying. Read the second paragraph. Obviously, it needs to be cleaned up. Of course, I’m all about a hard day’s work! I’m a contractor who works every single day! I do expect people to clean up after themselves, yes. If you’re at a ball game or the theater and you just leave your shit for someone else, then you’re a dick. My point is that IF there are homeless that actually want a job, then we should train them in something that suits them. I assume they don’t all dream of picking up entitled people’s trash.

    • Yeah, I’m sure they’re so thankful you’re taking away a 2 week job. Do you know how long people work at Earthcomb? How much they get paid? How much upward mobility they have? What the company even does? OF COURSE NOT.
      And please grow up and quit with belittling and insulting the disabled. Shame on you.

    • OGSB–
      Great, so we agree, up to the part where homeless people are being paid minimum wage to do this work.
      Do you really think someone is ready go right from the streets and all that entails into a skilled job? Maybe some, maybe not, I don’t know. And I’m sure you also don’t know. I am all for people having a path to a living wage and working with dignity, but I also think your assumption that every person on the streets is ready for being trained in something that suits them on day one is totally unfounded (if those programs even existed and by and large this country doesn’t like to do that for people) and, also, people who have been in that life may get a lot more out of a day’s honest work than you even understand.

    • OG – it is. Read your own words: “No, I don’t want to pay for supposedly homeless to clean up the college student’s mess.”
      Dude, I get it. We all want our kids to be good. But you and BASIC are missing the point. There are certain events in our society that inevitably generate trash and require someone to handle overflowing dumpsters/recycle bins. Dodger games, concerts, evacuation tents, hospitals, war zones, assemblies at school, conventions at hotels, church, congressional hearings, etc etc etc….. when large amounts of humans are active, there will be litter.
      Let’s just leave it there to prove a point though.

    • OGSB – Do you demand that guests in a hotel clean the halls and parking lot? How about spectators at a ball game? The audience after a movie? The guests at Disneyland when it closes? Do you also object to low-skill workers doing this cleaning?
      I’m sure the answer is no. So then, why would you oppose people cleaning up after 1000s of people move in? Moving results in excess trash, whether littered or put in an overflowing dumpster. It also results in some errant trash getting away from people. When 1000s of people are involved over in a short period of time, there will be a mess, whether intentional or not. Are you seriously saying we shouldn’t clean it up? Just leave it there? OK, I’ll be sure not to go to any crowded events with you…..

    • OGSB–
      LOL, bro, like, we all “want the kids to clean up after themselves.”
      Like, we all want everyone to do that, don’t we?
      But they don’t. So, what? You’re in favor of zero street cleaning just to make a point? Brilliant.
      And regarding paying homeless people, how do you know that these folks aren’t happy to have a job that pays them, even if it’s manual/menial labor? How do you know that these aren’t considered transitional jobs by everyone involved?
      Also, what is the deal with shitting on someone working an honest day? That is so condescending.

    • GT @7:14- Yes, That’s what I was trying to say. I’m definitely to the left when it comes to any social or environmental issues and definitely to the right when it comes to less government and spending issues. Not a liberal and not a Republican. I’m in nowhere land that doesn’t get a vote in our current system. Appreciate you re-reading my posts and acknowledging what I was trying to articulate.

  4. This is good stuff. I know that my own kid has volunteered at the sale they have in June, where they resell a lot of the stuff they get during move out.
    Now, back to the article, about daily removal of trash. Why is this necessary? Well, you know, my street pickup is once/ week, and I have a family of 4. So my trash fits in one small bin, with room to spare. Once/week is fine.
    Now multiply that by thousands of students moving out, all within a couple week period. Moving generates a bit more trash than just regular life (at least 5x), and all at once? This is why daily trash removal is important – once/ week is not going to cut it. You know what it’s like at Christmas – many families (not ours) will have a full bin and extra bags on the side.
    Also, when it comes down to furniture, these programs are great – most students do not have cars, so what are they supposed to do with furniture that they are not keeping? They can’t drive it over to Alpha thrift. Pickup it up, restoring, reselling – it’s a great idea.
    Fun fact #1: My work mini-fridge is from a move-out UCSB student.
    Fun fact #2: Back in the dark ages when I was a wee college student myself, one of my summer jobs was to paint dorms. It involved a little bit of cleanup also (but the cleaning crews were union employees, so we really weren’t supposed to do that) AND occasionally we scored a free piece of furniture left behind.

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