ISS Sails Over Santa Barbara

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ISS Sails Over Santa Barbara
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By Ronald Williams

Having read Chuck McPartlin's April 2 article on the International Space Station, my wife, Charlotte, and I took a look from our front yard on April 4.

Given that the waxing moon was nearly full (88%) we expected that the ISS would be difficult to see and scanned the northern sky fruitlessly with our binoculars. Then, at 8:37 PM, we saw what looked like an airplane behind some trees flying rapidly from west to east.

Since the bright light wasn't blinking we concluded that it was indeed the ISS — what a sight! I snapped a photo of the bright white dot with a telephoto lens before it abruptly vanished at 8:40 PM.

I then turned my camera to the moon and made the attached photo with the little blur of the ISS at the same magnification superimposed on the upper right hand side.

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paglinsb Apr 07, 2020 09:58 AM
ISS Sails Over Santa Barbara

This is awesome! I like thinking about the perspective from up there: no boundaries of countries or states & provinces, no different races of people, no diseases, no interpersonal turmoil--just the beautiful cosmic clockwork. Thank you!

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