Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison title=
Zachary Barker Coughlin
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Source: Santa Barbara County District Attorney

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced [Wednesday] that Zachary Barker Coughlin was sentenced to the maximum of 20 years, to be followed by 125 years to life in state prison.

After a yearlong investigation, followed by a six-week trial, courageously led by Deputy District Attorneys Megan Chanda and Michelle Mossembekker, a jury unanimously found Coughlin guilty of all fourteen counts on July 22, 2021. The charges include Penetration of an Unconscious/Intoxicated Person, Forcible Oral Copulation, Forcible Rape, Rape of an Unconscious/Intoxicated Person and Kidnap with Intent to Commit Rape. The jury also found that the defendant committed aggravated kidnap and specified sexual offenses against multiple victims.

This form of justice for the victims would not have been possible without the hard work of Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Bureau Detectives Kevin McGillivray and Anthony Kouremetis, and District Attorney Investigator Matthew Harvill.  These veteran detectives worked tirelessly to identify numerous victims. With the assistance of Supervising Victim Advocate Rita McGaw, this team was able to locate many of the defendant’s victims and, with immense compassion, provide much needed support throughout the process.

The defendant, a sexual predator, sought out the most vulnerable women and cold-heartedly exploited their vulnerabilities by brutally sexually assaulting them.

As a result of the collaborative efforts of the prosecution team and the courage of the survivors, this defendant will never be able to prey upon any woman again.

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Luvaduck Oct 22, 2021 08:52 AM
Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

It is their job, but they face a lot of criticism and obstruction, IMO much of it from men who think, "Holy cow, that could be me!" because they have assaulted females at one time or another or still are. This sicko has a longer known history than most and waits until they are incapacited but the acts are still the same: Not consentual. Coerced sex is essentially the same if the woman is in no position to resist. Maybe a job that supports her family that she can't afford to lose or even an abusive live-in or relative. Sexual abuse is a sliding scale. This guy is not one end of it: He didn't torture or kill them. Some men do. Most men know the difference between their fantasies and what they would really do.

sacjon Oct 22, 2021 09:19 AM
Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

LUVADUCK - jayzus..... You think "a lot" of men are criticizing them for busting rapists because "Holy cow, that could be me!?" My word, you really think the male population to be evil, don't you?

Luvaduck Oct 22, 2021 11:51 AM
Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

Nowhere in my comment are the words "a lot of". I went to great pains to make it clear that most men don't do such evil things. As to you, "If the shoe fits, wear it." Otherwise, reread my comment and be comforted. Of course the majority of the male population isn't evil. Neither are the majority of females.

Rypert Johnson Oct 22, 2021 10:38 AM
Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

FERNALDPOINT93108, yes, it is their job and yes, they did it COURAGEOUSLY. Have you ever worked on a sexual assault investigation? If you did then you would know all the obstacles investigators face and in today's anti-cop environment it has only gotten worse.
Then there is the mental trauma investigators have to go through when dealing with the details of a sexual assault. In this case, from reliable sources in the Sheriff's Office, it was pretty damned gruesome and it took courage on all sides of the investigative end to put this guy away for a very long time.
So to answer your question, yes, there was a large amount of courage shown on the part of not only the victims, but the investigators and DA attorneys as well.
This guy's crimes were sickening and they were not only limited to our neck of the woods. His spree goes a hell of a lot further in scope than that.
Kudos to all involved on getting this guy off the streets. This is one less dirtbag terrorizing women and to see him go away is worth celebrating.

Henry Sarria Oct 22, 2021 12:37 PM
Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

I'm glad they got this guy off the streets of ANYWHERE, not just IV. The thing that won't change is he created victims & those victims are gonna have to deal w/ those memories for a long time. I hope lockin' this POS up helps the healing.
a little brief story about this guy, my wife & I took notice of him the 1st night he came to IV & the reason being that he parked his rig right across the street from our pad.
So, the dude wasn't even parked 15 minutes before a shoutin' match erupted between him & some female, she seemed homeless, had her belongings in a backpack & duffle bag w/ her it appeared. Well, dude goes back in his van, we watched him & eventually he drove off.
A day or 2 later he's parked on the street we live on again near the Embarcadero Del Mar side & we were like "WTF's this guy up to?" Somethin' was odd.
Here's where it gets alarming. My wife saw a phone # sayin' somethin' about the "Mirror Buss" & such & it was a 305 area code, that's our hometown of Miami, FL. We managed to trace it to his instagram page & that's where we started seein' the mysogynist video rants, similar to Elliot Rodger & it then became apparent... He was a fan of that little twerp.
But why the street we live on? What was the draw? Apparently fans of Rodger, they see the site where he shot his 1st 2 victims as a "mecca" of sorts & that happens to be a couple of doors down from our pad. It's kind of like an altar to them, that's just freakin' SICK!
As time wore on, we kept an eye on that guy & we felt something bad was goin' on, but couldn't put our finger on it... then the fit hit the shan & the stories started to come out.
I remember the relief when the cops towed his "Mirror Bus" & hauled him off. Then I talked to a buddy of mine involved in the investigation & he said the guy was facin' a minimum of 16 charges, a max of 18 & it was disgusting, he even had an 80 year old victim.
In all, lookin' back on it, we KNEW there was somethin' off w/ this clown & like a commentor on here once said: "If it seems not right, it's usually because it ain't" (or something to that effect).

Henry Sarria Oct 22, 2021 01:56 PM
Isla Vista Sex Offender Sentenced to Life in Prison

Biguglystick, sadly enough, all we could do was stand back, observe & take notes. If we saw ANYTHING that wasn't right, oh, HELL YEAH! We would've called the cops on this guy.
While he stood out, in a bad way, he wasn't "outside of his rights" & therefore there wasn't anything "wrong" on the outside. It's what was goin' on when people weren't lookin' & that's why it was tricky to get this guy on anything.
I got a funny feeling this dude was already under investigation in other places, but he came to IV w/ a purpose: To worship Elliot Rodger & gain easy access to vulnerable young women. Wish we could've done more than just warn our neighbors.

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