Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road

Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road title=
Photo: Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue
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Update by Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue

[Saturday] afternoon around 5pm, SBCSAR responded along with AMR and County Fire to the report of a hiker with a lower leg injury that could not return to the trailhead without assistance. The hiker along with a friend were in the Devil’s Canyon area of the Matias Potrero Trail that is near the Gibraltar Reservoir. The friend left the hiker in distress to get a better phone signal to help communicate with the emergency dispatch center and was able to make it back up to the trailhead. SBCASU Copter 3 was called in to help locate the hiker having difficulty making it out of the area and after an extended search located and hoisted them off the trail and transported to the Santa Barbara Airport where they were released to AMR for possible ground transport. 

SBCSAR wants to remind hikers on our trails to stay within their abilities and to turn back before needing emergency assistance. Please also take plenty of water for both yourself, those with you and your four-legged companions and to be prepared to stay out longer than anticipated with food and extra clothing to stay warm. 


Update by edhat staff

Santa Barbara County firefighters rescued two injured hikers off Tunnel Trail Saturday evening.

At 5:06 p.m., crews responded off Gibraltar Road in Devil's Canyon for one hiker with a leg injury and another hiker that was dehydrated, both were in their 30s-40s. A helicopter from Santa Ynez also responded with a paramedic on board and located the hikers, said SBCFD Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

The paramedic was lowered to the scene, assessed the hiker with the leg injury, and hoisted them back into the helicopter where they were transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

The other dehydrated hiker was able to make it to the top of the roadway where they were evaluated and treated by ground resources. 


Hiker Rescue, C/T 1706 2 hikers needing rescue in the Devils Canyon area off of Gibraltar road. 1 hiker with dehydration and 1 with a leg injury. 1 person hoisted for further treatment. 1 hiker hiked to ground resources for treatment. Call newsline.

— Daniel Bertucelli (@SBCFireInfo) March 28, 2021


Reported by Tagdes

Injured hiker on Tunnel Trail. SB County engines and utility responding.

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FondofSB Mar 29, 2021 12:22 AM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road

"another hiker that was dehydrated".
How about taking some water with you when you go "hiking".
Seems too complicated for some !

tagdes Mar 27, 2021 07:07 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road

Gaviota incident is taking patient down for POV, cancelled Code 20 and Mission Cyn engine is available with Copter 3, so as I said an hour and 15 ago....I guess nothing serious.

tagdes Mar 27, 2021 07:01 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road

Coords show Gaviota west of 101 with Buellton and Gaviota engines going up the trail to tie into AMR and Copter 3 at Tunnel Rd with County 15 at Mission Cyn.

tagdes Mar 27, 2021 06:13 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road

OK they are now calling it the Wind Tunnel Trail Incident and the County engine is from Gaviota so looks like the same call and it's near the Gaviota Tunnel. Copter 3 says the the victim is waving his hand. Still no visual.

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