Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail title=
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail
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Update by Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue
June 15, 2021

Yesterday afternoon SBCSAR responded for a lost hiker in Montecito up above Hot Springs trail and the old hotel ruins. The hiker had become lost above the creek and was unable to find a route safely down to the trail. SBCSAR responded around 1 pm to begin searching, after trying to find the hiker’s location County Air Support Copter 1 was called in to assist with locating the subject. After locating by air, ground teams with difficulty due to terrain and heat, made their way to the hiker well off trail on a ridge and brought the hiker back down to the awaiting vehicle for transport down to the trailhead.

As members were transporting the first hiker down to the trailhead, a second call for service was received for a hiker suffering from heat-related illness on a trail in an adjacent canyon. After receiving GPS coordinates, teams began to mobilize and respond to the new call near the San Ysidro Trail with Montecito Fire and AMR with a request in for Air Support due to accessibility concerns and heat.

Just as County Air Support Copter 4 was coming overhead, the hiker, a female in her 20’s was located on the access road with her hiking group. SBCSAR provided care and brought the hiker down to a vehicle to hydrate and cool until Montecito Fire and AMR could provide additional care to the hiker.

SBCSAR would like to remind those hitting the trail to be prepared with water, a fully charged phone and to hike in the cooler hours of the day in the morning or evening. Please also keep in mind if taking our four-legged friends that they can overheat and dehydrate very fast and the trails can burn the pads of their feet during extreme temps. Please be safe and enjoy your outdoor recreation!

By Roger the Scanner Guy
5:50 p.m., June 14, 2021

Injured hikers on Hot Springs Trail, I can hear Search and Rescue looking for them.

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JB86 Jun 14, 2021 06:02 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

Search and Rescue did finally reach the hikers and walked them out. They are heat-stressed but will be fine. Pretty risky to go hiking with current temps, but folks keep doin' it. Good thing they have cell phones, and S & R is 'free.'

gnusman Jun 15, 2021 01:08 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

A good wake-up call hikers.
SAR is amazing, so if you're thankful, please donate to their program. The Los Padres Chapter of Sierra Club always donates to various SARs in SB and Ventura counties via its Wilderness Basics Program, which will gear back up next year. To donate go here:

Getoffmylawn Jun 15, 2021 04:32 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

I worked all day since 5am. Just got home. I work long hours and long weeks. Smart enough not to go out on a red flag day and expect someone to save me. Our resources are thin and I refuse to exasperated the problem

FondofSB Jun 15, 2021 09:11 PM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

Sacjon : They brought her down and had to rehydrate her ..
Try to think : seems to me she did not have the appropriate water supply with her !

Channelfog Jun 16, 2021 04:01 AM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

Each and every rescue, whether a human or a dog over the Wilcox edge, is valuable, real world training for the crews. I'd much rather see my tax dollars spent this way rather than so many other truly wasteful governmental endevours.

edney Jun 16, 2021 09:06 AM
Injured Hikers Rescued from Hot Springs Trail

Some people lack common sense, show up unprepared and need help.
The real question not asked or answered is "did they learn the lesson?" or are the going to show up unprepared again and take advantage of the "free" help?
The first rescue should be free and I'm glad to help. Second should be free because some people are slow learners. Third rescue should come with a photo on Edhat and a caption contest.
Fourth rescue should come with a 3 year front country trespass. Trespass like the tool private property owners use. No charges, but you are no longer allowed on the trails.
Fifth rescue gets you outfitted with a shock collar that goes off if you pass north of East Mountain Drive, Las Canoas, and Tunnel Rd

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