Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

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Update and photos by Marian Shapiro
May 4, 2022

As a response to the Leaked Supreme Court statement which indicated Roe v Wade would be overturned, a rally was organized by Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March SB on Tuesday, May 3. It got a  huge turnout of outraged women and men from teens to 90-year-olds, filling up De la Guerra Plaza at 5 pm, including many elected officials and candidates.

My photos from the Pro-Choice rally are here: (with some in the above slideshow)

(left to right) Former State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Marian Shapiro, and Jenna Tosh of Planned Parenthood

Source: Women's March Santa Barbara
May 3, 2022

Rally - Show up for Abortion Rights
Tues, May 3, 5PM, De La Guerra Plaza (SB)
Organized by Planned Parenthood CA Central Coast & Womens March SB
Why? see below!

The Supreme Court of the United States could overturn Roe v. Wade.  The opinion leaked yesterday is a DRAFT opinion, not the final opinion, and abortion remains legal (at this point).

However, this draft opinion will be DEVASTATING for abortion rights for more than 36 million people across our country.

We are rallying at De La Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara at 5:00pm in support of our rights! Excerpt below from

Last night, we learned right-wing justices on the Supreme Court intend to overturn Roe v. Wade. This decision would allow states to ban abortion across the country, leading to even further assaults on reproductive health.

Today, we show up—to say abortion care is health care and #BansOffOurBodies!

These protests are coming together fast. All across the country, folks are going to gather at federal courthouses and other federal buildings, town halls, town squares, and community outdoor spaces. Because of the short turnaround time, we don't have details for each local event, and most won't have formal hosts or programs. Instead, it's just a natural outpouring of energy as we show up to resist the attacks from the right-wing justices and Republican politicians and demonstrate that we will continue to fight to ensure abortion is safe, legal, and accessible for all who seek it.

The vast majority of Americans believe abortion should be safe, legal, and accessible. We are showing up before the right-wing justices on the Supreme Court finalize a decision. We are showing up to demand elected officials—in Congress and in state houses—take every measure to codify abortion rights.

And we are showing up so that people who seek and need abortions and abortion providers know they are not alone—we are in this together.

Over the upcoming days, weeks, and months, we'll continue to show up. We'll pressure lawmakers and the Supreme Court, we'll support abortion funds and abortion providers. We'll share information on how people can access reproductive care. We'll turn out in bigger numbers and larger rallies as needed.

Today, whether it's five people or 50 people at your local event, it's important that we make a public, visible show of support, declaring abortion is health care and #BansOffOurBodies.

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Voice of Reason May 06, 2022 05:04 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

If what you outlined earlier is the bar for recusal, we'll need to rehash numerous cases already decided and probably won't have a full panel of judges on any case going forward. What is often forgotten when making comments like that, is that it doesn't just apply for this particular issue where it works in a particular positions favor, but would need to be applied consistently across the board. Which is why I roll my eyes when people think solution to SCOTUS issues is packing the court, like they think their preferred politicians are going to forever be in control and the other party won't ever be able to take advantage of the change in the future. Imagine the uproar if Trump pushed to pack the supremum court, or started the Disinformation Governance Board, or required vaccinations in order to take part in society, or had a son with shady business dealings in a country we're now sending billions of dollars and weapons to.

a-1651861938 May 06, 2022 11:32 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

@11am, I disagree. A physician and surgeon upholds a code of ethics and must abide by medical guidelines. The mother is their patient and they can perform abortions up until a certain point to where it is safe for the mother. Waiting too long, it's no longer safe and doctors will not do it. Just as surgeons will refuse other types of surgeries if the risk is too great. If a surgeon does perform a late term abortion, it should only be if the mother is at risk. If a surgeon does this risky surgery, or any risky surgery, "just because" then they need to have their medical compentency evaluated.

ChillinGrillin May 06, 2022 06:17 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

The hypocrisy with this issue is astounding. "Pro-life" but against all efforts to support the lives of children after they're born by giving them access to healthcare, food and shelter. "Pro freedom" but the government can tell women what to do with their bodies and permanently dictate the direction of their lives. "Following the founding fathers" when the last thing they wanted was Christian doctrine dictating public policy. Shame.


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