Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

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Update and photos by Marian Shapiro
May 4, 2022

As a response to the Leaked Supreme Court statement which indicated Roe v Wade would be overturned, a rally was organized by Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March SB on Tuesday, May 3. It got a  huge turnout of outraged women and men from teens to 90-year-olds, filling up De la Guerra Plaza at 5 pm, including many elected officials and candidates.

My photos from the Pro-Choice rally are here: (with some in the above slideshow)

(left to right) Former State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Marian Shapiro, and Jenna Tosh of Planned Parenthood

Source: Women's March Santa Barbara
May 3, 2022

Rally - Show up for Abortion Rights
Tues, May 3, 5PM, De La Guerra Plaza (SB)
Organized by Planned Parenthood CA Central Coast & Womens March SB
Why? see below!

The Supreme Court of the United States could overturn Roe v. Wade.  The opinion leaked yesterday is a DRAFT opinion, not the final opinion, and abortion remains legal (at this point).

However, this draft opinion will be DEVASTATING for abortion rights for more than 36 million people across our country.

We are rallying at De La Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara at 5:00pm in support of our rights! Excerpt below from

Last night, we learned right-wing justices on the Supreme Court intend to overturn Roe v. Wade. This decision would allow states to ban abortion across the country, leading to even further assaults on reproductive health.

Today, we show up—to say abortion care is health care and #BansOffOurBodies!

These protests are coming together fast. All across the country, folks are going to gather at federal courthouses and other federal buildings, town halls, town squares, and community outdoor spaces. Because of the short turnaround time, we don't have details for each local event, and most won't have formal hosts or programs. Instead, it's just a natural outpouring of energy as we show up to resist the attacks from the right-wing justices and Republican politicians and demonstrate that we will continue to fight to ensure abortion is safe, legal, and accessible for all who seek it.

The vast majority of Americans believe abortion should be safe, legal, and accessible. We are showing up before the right-wing justices on the Supreme Court finalize a decision. We are showing up to demand elected officials—in Congress and in state houses—take every measure to codify abortion rights.

And we are showing up so that people who seek and need abortions and abortion providers know they are not alone—we are in this together.

Over the upcoming days, weeks, and months, we'll continue to show up. We'll pressure lawmakers and the Supreme Court, we'll support abortion funds and abortion providers. We'll share information on how people can access reproductive care. We'll turn out in bigger numbers and larger rallies as needed.

Today, whether it's five people or 50 people at your local event, it's important that we make a public, visible show of support, declaring abortion is health care and #BansOffOurBodies.

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Oak Man May 03, 2022 05:31 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

The difference with the conservatives is they wait till the baby is born to “kill” em. Deny healthcare, welfare, housing. Doom babies to horrible lives. Might as well kill em! The republicans just like to see em suffer.

Transparent May 03, 2022 06:09 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

A vast majority of Americans support the status-quo on abortion. That's not a legal argument, but we need to work to ensure that right-wing fanatics pay a big political price, and pass federal legislation to protect access to the greatest degree possible. [That said, truth is with Roe overturned, it will be unlikely that any federal law with teeth could survive challenges from states who will call it overreach.]

Oak Man May 03, 2022 06:26 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

The ignorance here is maddening! Well I don’t agree at all with those who don’t support the act but that is one thing. The other thing is these people like CONSB who I don’t know think we can move an ectopic pregnancy or something? Just craziness! What are these people thinking!! New idea; you shouldn’t be allowed to vote on this issue if you don’t understand the technicalities. This is just craziness.

Sun May 03, 2022 06:39 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

“As Casey comprehended, at stake in cases challenging abortion restrictions is a woman’s ‘control over her [own] destiny.’ Their ability to realize their full potential, the Court recognized, is intimately connected to ‘their ability to control their reproductive lives.’ Thus, legal challenges to undue restrictions on abortion procedures do not seek to vindicate some generalized notion of privacy; rather, they center on a woman’s autonomy to determine her life’s course, and thus to enjoy equal citizenship stature.”

In public speeches and in abortion cases before the court, Ginsburg repeatedly emphasized what she believed was fundamentally at stake for women in challenges to the abortion right. Her comments in this quote came from her 2007 dissent in Gonzales v. Carhart in which a 5-4 majority upheld the federal “Partial-Birth Abortion Act.” The court, for the first time, approved a type of abortion ban that made no exceptions for the health of the woman.

Ginsburg Dissent: Gonzales v. Carhart, 550 U.S. 129 (2007)

The Supreme Court’s position on abortion has evolved and led to different outcomes over the years. In 2007, the Court heard Gonzales v. Carhart, a clash of morality, medicine, privacy, and women’s rights in abortions. In this summary of the case, Franklin Fegurgur, a 2L, highlights Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in which she voiced her concern over the precedents already established in Roe and Casey in which the Court said that “liberty finds no refuge in the jurisprudence of doubt.” Listen to Justice Ginsburg announce her dissent at


Justice Ginsburg sharply disagreed with the majority noting that “the Court’s hostility to the right Roe and Casey secured is not concealed.” She believed it was irrational for the State to further any legitimate interest in an equally gruesome procedure, which may be similarly characterized as brutal. In her view, “The law saves not a single fetus from destruction, for it targets only a method of performing abortion.” Furthermore, she believed that the Act would “chip away” a right that was declared by the Supreme Court as central to women’s lives. Although Gonzales did not discard previous cases such as Roe or Casey, it was inconsistent with the very principles of stare decisis. Instead of following clear prior holdings, the Court would take deference to this “legislative override of our Constitution-based rulings.”

Justice Ginsburg, true to her roots in litigation for gender equality said of the majority opinion when announcing her dissent, “Notably, the solution the Court approves is not to require doctors to inform women adequately of the different procedures they might choose and the risks each entails. Instead the Court shields the woman by denying her any choice in the matter and this way of protecting women recalls ancient notions about women’s place in society and under the constitution ideas that have long since been discredited.”

fitz May 04, 2022 06:43 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

golf/foxtrot/yankee. We might all be Americans but no way are we 'equal'. And we never have been, since our founding. I would like to enjoy the beautiful weather but when my rights as a woman are undermined, I have more important things to think about. I will skip the beach and do some demonstrating until I have the same rights as my husband/sons/grandsons.

Bene May 03, 2022 08:31 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

Even the Bible has nothing to say about abortion, except one passage that indicates the unborn are not considered "full" humans yet. If one killed a woman it was murder but if one killed an unborn it was just a monetary fine. It's not a republican verses democrat or religious person versus atheist kind of thing. It's just pure and simple --people using their anti abortion ideas to try to control others and society. This is a medical decision and thus, legally, should only be up to the pregnant person and their doctor.

a-1651655382 May 04, 2022 02:09 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

Duke, and all, here's another example of trigger laws outlawing abortion. The link is Twitter, the source/ text is Houston Chronicle:
"Though the decision is by no means final, if the court follows through and overturns the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, then Texas—along with 11 other states—already has laws passed and ready to almost immediately criminalize abortion."

Luvaduck May 04, 2022 07:01 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

If those in chargeof making abortion and/or birth control available had to pay child support for the first18 years of the life of the "baby" they save, this poorly disguised misogyny would stop. They are reacting to the shown ability of competent, educated women to make their living professionally in jobs that used to be mostly or only male. The lower 50% of them can't compete and fervently wish to keep women "ignorant, pregnant and bare-footed". It's the only way they can <control> them and the only way they can get a wife.

Harbor_Seal May 04, 2022 11:49 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

I have a hard time believing MISOGYNY is the driving force behind abortion restriction laws...

First, there are more women who vote than men, without the support of women I don't see how laws restricting abortion could pass.

Second, I can't think of one man I interact with who supports restrictions on abortion, however I can think of plenty of women who are against abortion and pro-life.

Third, my personal experience, while in college my girlfriend became pregnant, she chose not to have the child, we went to the doctor and the abortion was performed, I held her hand through the procedure (it was awful, permanently haunting) and then parted ways, twenty years later we briefly reconnected and she said it was the biggest mistake of her life. She said she and her husband were not able to conceive and had a terrible experiences (years) with adoption.

I am still pro-choice, but I also do not think this is an issue for the United States Supreme Court to decide and I certainly don't believe the misogyny argument.

See Also:

GeneralTree May 04, 2022 01:15 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

.Alabama’s legislators — almost all men (29 men to 6 women) — decided they have the inalienable right to dictate what is also right for women. While they focused on punishing the women and their physicians for their decisions — actions in which males played crucial roles — they cast a blind eye on the rapist and incestuous relative, all dominating individuals who perceive women as prey.

a-1651672915 May 04, 2022 07:01 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

This issue is NOT how you feel about abortion. The issue is about making laws that control a woman's body, and her ability to make decisions regarding her own health. Wouldn't the easier solution involve the forced sterilization of men? Or maybe only certain men, who do not fit the proper criteria for being fathers? And the Supreme Court can decide that criteria based upon whatever antiquated moral judgements they choose. Crazy, you think?

Voice of Reason May 05, 2022 02:19 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

Doesn't matter whether it's contagious or not. Either people have full autonomy over their bodies or they don't. If you make an exception for taking that autonomy away because the government decided, in this case, something is contagious, then you're agreeing the the government does have some control over our bodies autonomy, which contradicts with nearly every one of the comments in this thread.

sacjon May 05, 2022 02:39 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

"Doesn't matter whether it's contagious or not." yes, it does.

"contradicts with nearly every one of the comments in this thread." No, it doesn't.

Are you seriously saying that, because of the covid vaccine mandates, women shouldn't be upset that they may lose the right to choose? You're missing the point here, by a mile. Not surprising you take any chance you get to bring up the covid vaccine. That's all I'm doing with you on this thread.

Voice of Reason May 05, 2022 02:44 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

I'm saying the exact opposite Sacjon. Either you have full autonomy over your body or you don't. Once you start making exceptions, particularly allowing the government to make exceptions, what autonomy you have left will be continually chipped away at until its gone and your medical decisions will be left to the government.

dukemunson May 05, 2022 03:17 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

I'll give you my 2 cents! Up to a certain point/date, women should get to choose. There obviously has to be a cut off point though so the blanket "right to choose" statement is misleading and incomplete.

pstarSR May 05, 2022 03:44 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

VOR no one is saying to "allow" the government full autonomy over a womens body. You are comparing the vaccine mandate to this?

if you want to be part of society, get the vaccine. ( that protects EVERYONE in the HERD )
if you want to be part of society DONT get an abortion? ( no where does pregnancy affect or infect the herd )

see how that makes ZERO sense

Voice of Reason May 05, 2022 05:04 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

No Pstar, I'm not saying that at all. And where can I find some of that vaccine that actually protects everyone from catching covid? Because what's out now would be considered a preventive treatment in 2019. Sacjon, as I've mentioned on this very thread and often in the past, the 'how' we accomplish something, particularly in the government, is just as important as the 'why' and 'what'. Currently it isn't federally protected so IF, again IF (people forget this was a draft leaked to intentionally gaslight people) it's overturned it will go to the States for their democratically elected leaders to determine what their state should do. That is unless something is passed on the federal level, but I don't think they will for reasons I've mentioned earlier. Too many here can't separate the facts of the current situation and their feelings or opinion on abortion. Those are two very different things.

Mebk May 04, 2022 07:36 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

I seriously hope I’m wrong. But I foresee our towns being burnt and looted again. Let’s all try to keep this peaceful. Other groups will try to infiltrate. It’s gonna get nasty because this is now how people deal,with difference. Stay safe.

fitz May 04, 2022 07:49 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

MEBK: Get a grip. The people who will be out on the streets are those who want women to have equal rights. We all know that when women are in leadership positions, they bring a sense of equilibrium to the table. And to the streets, in this case. And the men who support them are those who tend to be respectful, not aggressive. Men and Women who want equal rights are not 'fringe' like those who participate in insurrections and violence.

sacjon May 04, 2022 08:33 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

MEBK - don't worry about that, moderate liberals are a peaceful bunch. Yes, we will have certain extremists groups trying to join the fray, but, like the BLM movement, this too will be largely peaceful. And yes, there WILL be demonstrations, protests, etc if this comes to pass. We as Americans should not sit idly by while the rights of half our population are stolen from them.

doulie May 04, 2022 09:14 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

SAC - Are you saying the "BLM movement was "largely peaceful?" Second, the truth is that no ones opportunity for an abortion will be "stolen" if the SC overturns Roe. If this happens, it will be up to the people in individual states to decide whether or not to legalize abortions. All people have to do is pursue their elected representatives to write legislation to be voted on by people of the state. One can say this is similar to the marijuana issue. People in some states want use/possession to be legal, some not. Some states then changed their laws, for good or for bad. If this is accurate, why all the whining, screaming and barking at the moon about the abortion issue? Nothing is being taken away. I see it as a plus as the government (nine people), one way or the other are not imposing their will on the people, they're letting the people decide what they want to do. Do you prefer millions of Americans decide this issue, or only nine?

sacjon May 04, 2022 09:26 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

DOULIE - ""BLM movement was "largely peaceful?"" Yes. The number of peaceful protests/rallies far outnumbered the riots by fringe/extremist groups on both sides. A simple Google search will back that up.

"it will be up to the people in individual states to decide whether or not to legalize abortions. " - No, it will be up to whomever is in office. Remember, it's usually about 1/2 the people in a state/country who choose their leader. Just because they were elected doesn't mean they represent everyone's ideals.

Nothing is being taken away? Tell that to the teenage (or preteen) girls who don't want to perpetuate a life of poverty due to having a baby at 14. Tell that to the women who's children would be born with a devastating and fatal disease/birth defect that don't have the money to care for the child properly (thanks to Republican attacks on public health insurance). Tell that to any mother who is unfit to care for a child properly. Tell that to the rape and incest victims. THOSE are the people losing their rights to choose what to do with THEIR bodies.

PitLocal May 04, 2022 08:52 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

It's hard to ignore the juxtaposition of this recent flare up of the abortion debate, and that of the mandatory covid vaccination debate. Can one legitimately be of the opinion that vaccine mandates are justified, but governmental prohibition of abortion procedures is not? Both issues involve a person's right to make decision regarding medical procedures, and our government limiting our individual freedoms to make such decisions. This debate really highlights the extent of the 'my body, my choice' argument.

sacjon May 04, 2022 02:33 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

OGSB - not the same as your killing your friends, family and neighbors. Their deaths will also affect those around them. Forced pregnancy can also cause a life of misery for both mother and child. The covid vaccine does not. There's another difference for those still somehow not understanding this.

mm1970 May 05, 2022 02:18 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

DUKE: private companies and the federal government can mandate vaccines as a term of employment, if they so choose (like those that are required for sending your kids to school - it is a public health issue). I was in the Navy for years and there were vaccine mandates way back then too (in the 80s/90s).

Do I want to send my kids to public school? Yes, thus they are vaccinated. Did I want to serve in the military? Yes, thus I did what was required (including some things that I did not agree with). But like SAC said - "pregnancy is not contagious and can't kill the people around you. That's basically it."

My employer doesn't have a vaccine mandate - and even if I think they should, it is up to me as to whether or not I still choose to work there. (A fair percentage of people I know, work with, or are closely related to are NOT vaccinated.)

dukemunson May 05, 2022 02:45 PM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

MM - Are you implying that public school shouldn't be a right for all, only those that "choose to vaccinate"? And if so, aren't you essentially arguing for State's rights as it would be celebrating that California went above and beyond with the "choices" they gave?

Sun May 04, 2022 10:42 AM
Hundreds Show Up for Impromptu Abortion Rights Rally Tuesday

The Law is unequal when it comes to Women on a variety of issues. When it comes to pregnancy all the burden lays on the women. The law does not equally hold man responsible. Least we forget, an egg
can not be fertilized without sperm. As such, the law to be equal "shall" hold men accountable for an unwanted pregnancy. AS of today, the law is gender bias, fact.


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