Humane Society Celebrates 1,000 Adoptions in 2019

Humane Society Celebrates 1,000 Adoptions in 2019 title=
Humane Society Celebrates 1,000 Adoptions in 2019
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Source: Santa Barbara Humane Society

On Tuesday, December 10 a pair of tuxedo kittens found their forever homes. And with the adoptions of kittens Donner and Blitzen, Santa Barbara Humane Society reached 1,000 adoptions so far in 2019.

By Wednesday, December 11, the total number of adoptions had increased to 1,004. That number is equal to the total number of adoptions from 2016, 2017, and 2018 combined. In 2016, Santa Barbara Humane Society had 269 adoptions. In 2017, 315 animals were adopted. And in 2018, the shelter reached 420 adoptions.

Kerri Burns, Executive Director of Santa Barbara Humane Society is thrilled to have reached this milestone, “It’s incredible to see how far we have come in such a short span of time. 1,000 adoptions in a year isn’t something we could have achieved without our amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, loving fosters, wonderful transfer partners, and most importantly, all of the adopters who opened their homes and hearts.” While she is delighted with the adoption numbers for 2019, she is already looking to the future, “ this is just the beginning for us. We are looking forward to even more adoptions in 2020.”

There are still plenty of animals looking for their homes at Santa Barbara Humane Society, including a number of kittens that are available on a two for the cost of one promotion. Additionally, adopters will be given a mystery gift containing a discount off their adoption fees. The discounts run from 10% to 50% off.

About Santa Barbara Humane Society

The Santa Barbara Humane Society, a local nonprofit organization, provides a safe haven for homeless dogs and cats and serves the community with animal adoption services, a low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic, humane education and outreach programs, dog training classes, and pet boarding services. The Santa Barbara Humane Society is funded through community donations and is not affiliated with or funded by any national animal protection organization. For more information, visit, or call (805) 964-4777

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Jamespoe Dec 16, 2019 08:01 AM
Humane Society Celebrates 1,000 Adoptions in 2019

Quite a remarkable accomplishment - congratulations! It gives me a personal boost to hear there are so many folks who care for the animals we humans are, after all, responsible for. Thank you!

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