Hula Anyone at ParadICE

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Hula Anyone at ParadICE
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By Robert Bernstein

Hula Anyone teaches people of all ages the art of Hula dancing. Director and Instructor Angelita Eller brought out some of her many skilled students to perform for the third anniversary of ParadICE Hawaiian Shave Ice in Paseo Nuevo on Sunday.

Here are a few of my photos and here is my YouTube Playlist of my videos.

The group began with two performances with just adults.

But then some younger performers joined in with their own artistry.

Angelita explained at the start of this next video how Hula is a sign language that transcends all human language. She used this to introduce the next piece Na Vaqueros which involved Spanish cowboys in Hawaii.

Angelita then took on the role of teacher and invited audience members of all ages to learn some basic Hula steps and arm movements and then try them out to music. My wife Merlie made this next video as I stepped up for the lesson.

Hula Anyone pushed the genre even further by doing Hula to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz", using various gestures to convey the meaning of the song.

Here was their final piece during the section that we sat for:

Angelita also kindly shared this group photo for us:

It was good to see people of all ages out to watch the performance as well as to perform.

Some of the children were dancing along even before the lesson began:

I would definitely recommend letting Angelita give you and/or your children some lessons in her gentle, patient manner and maybe we will see you at the next performance! Here is more information about Hula Anyone:

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Summertime Sep 07, 2021 04:29 PM
Hula Anyone at ParadICE

Loved all these videos - looking forward to trying ParadICE.....

swarfmaster Sep 07, 2021 04:29 PM
Hula Anyone at ParadICE

Nice job Robert. Lovely ladies doing a traditional dance. Better yet I love their ice's.

paglinsb Sep 08, 2021 10:26 AM
Hula Anyone at ParadICE

Thank you! Lots of aloha here! Takes me back to when I lived in Hawaii. Loved the dancing of the "kāne" (man) too. Thanks everyone. Congratulations ParadICE!

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