How do we Eliminate Dangerous Eucalyptus Trees?

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By Denise S. Adams

How do we mobilize to get the City and County to remove dangerous, combustible Eucalyptus trees? The founding estate Barrons imported from Australia these foreign weed trees that spread quickly, and are cost-prohibitive to maintain. Each tree costs property owners thousands which results in neglect: pay the water bill or pay for tree care.

The County only wants to maintain certain trees every 5-10 years by pruning a few branches. Occasionally  Edison will trim a few branches, only if branches engage with high power wires, and multiple customers complain.   EDISON does agree it would be wonderful for the Barker Pass Rd trees to be removed that are in the extreme high wind tunnel.   EDISON acknowledges that nothing has changed since the 1925 earthquake and fire due to exposed high voltage wires, and old transformers.

With Sacramento planning to take over PG&E, and possibly Edison due to fires, we can expect less or no maintenance in Calzuela.  City Council has yet to focus on fire and disaster prevention.

As part of the endangered species of property owners, what’s the plan to remove these horrible trees? We’ve had enough drama and trauma in Montecito and SB.

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Factotum Jan 05, 2019 09:00 PM
How do we Eliminate Dangerous Eucalyptus Trees?

City need to revisit the tree ordinance regulations and open it to public discussion, now that we have lived with its intent and practice for a number or years. All city ordinances should go through regular review. are they meeting their original intent. Has the law of unintended consequences made them more burdensome, than beneficial. Are duties and obligations shared equally and fairly between the city and the residents. Can the worst aspects be mitigated. Can the essential benefits be preserved. But being choked with irrational demands is not the way we build a healthy city together.

Factotum Jan 06, 2019 09:51 AM
How do we Eliminate Dangerous Eucalyptus Trees?

Irrational demands - the layers and layers of application and review one has to go through to remove a hazardous and expensive tree on their own property, if it falls within the city's sweeping protection zones, beyond even the city street tree protection zones. We need a de minimus exemption for every property owner - at least one permit-free tree removal per year, if this is what the owner concludes is best for their own property and pocket book. Right now the city imposed an unfunded mandate on the property owner to pay for ongoing tree maintenance when in fact that tree should be removed.

Z Jan 06, 2019 07:56 AM
How do we Eliminate Dangerous Eucalyptus Trees?

Get real folks. Discussing generic "eucalyptus" contributes to global worming; just hot air. There are eucalyptus and there are eucalyptus, some species are just lousy weeds and some are nice to have around, it all depends on the setting. The giant red gum is a pain in the butt, so too for the blues; lots of hazard, little shade, vast water usage. Cutting the damn things down is no small task but the real work comes with disposing of the leftovers, millions of tons of leftovers. A useful discussion includes the species and the particular location.


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