House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

House Fire Displaces Goleta Family title=
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family
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Photos: SBCFD

By edhat staff

A local family is displaced after an early Sunday morning fire damaged their two-story home in the unincorporated area of Goleta.

At 4:27 a.m., Santa Barbara County firefighters responded to the 500 block of Ripley Street. Upon arrival they found heavy smoke and fire coming from the rear of the wood-framed single-family home.

Crews made entry to through the front door to keep the flames from advancing through the rest of the house while simultaneously attacking from the rear exterior. 

The wooden deck and covered patio added to the fire while the intense heat caused the rear windows to melt giving the fire access to the upstairs and downstairs rooms.

Four occupants were safely evacuated without injury as nearby homes were also evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

The fire was knocked down within 30 minutes and crews remain on the scene to salvage contents of the home and look for any fire extension.

An investigator responded to determine the cause of the fire and the Red Cross responded to aid the displaced family.

Additionally, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department advises people not to park in front of fire hydrants. As fire crews arrived on the scene, a nearby vehicle was parked in front of a fire hydrant which hampered firefighting efforts. Crews decided not to damage the vehicle but it did slow down their efforts as it took extra time to attach an additional supply line. The vehicle was cited by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. 

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CoastWatch Mar 29, 2020 11:01 AM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

The FD should have run their supply lines right through that Volvo's rear passenger windows...!

Potif Mar 29, 2020 09:42 PM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

I saw a picture of a fire department doing just that with a Mercedes, a long time ago. I think it was somewhere in New York.

mattyboy Mar 29, 2020 12:56 PM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

I don't think a lot of people know that you have to park 15' away from a hydrant, regardless of painted curb or not.

midair Mar 29, 2020 12:56 PM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

Why is there also a bush/small tree right next to the hydrant? Isn't there supposed to be a clear zone?

mattyboy Mar 29, 2020 01:46 PM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

A 3-foot (914 mm) clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants, except as otherwise required or approved.

mattyboy Mar 29, 2020 12:57 PM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

Here's the hydrant in question before anyone else strings up the driver any further. Not super visible & no painted curb. Still broke the letter of the law, though.

PitMix Mar 30, 2020 03:47 PM
House Fire Displaces Goleta Family

Broke the law, not just the letter, but it's a relatively cheap ticket. CVC 22514 PARKED IN FRONT OF FIRE HYDRANT $80.00. I wonder if the homeowner can sue the parker for delaying the fire response? How many $1000s more will the repairs cost because of it?

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