Honey Bee Meet and Greet

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By Chuck Cagara

Honey Bees are proliferating around the yard amidst the newly-flowering plants.

Here two are about to engage in a "Meet-'N-Greet."

Next we see the long, red proboscis, the bendable straw-like tongue, used to drink and exchange food with other bees.  This bee is guiding the proboscis along the moist surface of the drinking tray we put out for small animals like chipmunks and squirrels.  Birds use it, too.

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Ahchooo Apr 13, 2019 08:15 PM
Honey Bee Meet and Greet

Thanks for the photos. Glad to see that others know to put out water for bees. Bees are amazing. Do other people have massive amounts of flowers on their citrus right now? The bees are busy pollinating our fruit. Yay bees!

a-1555099836 Apr 12, 2019 01:10 PM
Honey Bee Meet and Greet

Love these expert photos. We keep our bird baths clean and full for the birds and for these hard working bee girls, too.

Flicka Apr 12, 2019 09:35 AM
Honey Bee Meet and Greet

Butterflies also appreciate fresh water. Some pebbles in the bird bath help them get a drink while standing on the rocks to keep feet out of the water.

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