Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder title=
Ricky Phillips mugshot courtesy of the Santa Barbara Police Department
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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara Police arrested a homeless man for an alleged violent sexual assault and resisting arrest.

Ricky Phillips, a 55-year-old male who experiences homelessness in the City of Santa Barbara, was identified as a suspect in an investigation of a rape and attempted murder at a homeless camp near the railroad tracks at Montecito Street on July 8. 

The next day, Santa Barbara Police detectives spotted Phillips in the area of 1500 Bath Street. According to the police department, Phillips violently resisted arrest resulting in additional officers to respond code 3 with lights and sirens. During the struggle, Phillips punched one of the officers in the face before he was secured into handcuffs. Phillips sustained minor injuries in the process, stated the Santa Barbara Police Department press release.

"The Santa Barbara Police Department works in close community partnership with the local non-profit organization, Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (“STESA”). This community partner was called upon to assist in providing confidential counseling and support services to the survivor in this case," the statement read. 

Phillips was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail for 69 PC – resist arrest with force, 261(a)(2) PC - rape by force or fear of bodily injury, 245(a)(4) PC – assault with a deadly weapon, and 664/187 PC – attempt murder.

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Roger Jul 11, 2021 07:43 AM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

I walked through Alameda Park on Saturday Afternoon and I did not see one negative issue involving the homeless, not one. There were people resting and relaxing there that might have been homeless but no one was doing anything illegal. It was very nice. I saw no tents anywhere not in Alice Keck Park or anywhere in that area...All I see here is negativity and anger.

Transparent Jul 12, 2021 03:46 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Yep Roger, you are correct that the City has cracked down on any tents that are there overnight. I say good to that. [Not sure whether or not you agree, but it's my opinion!].

We also need to get them off the freeway and tracks. Was it an "unhoused neighbor" that yesterday was hit on the 101? ... Allowing illegal camping anywhere is helpful to no one, the campers worst of all. If anyone argues with me on that, I'll just point out the uncanny frequency with which they are turning up arrested, injured, raping or raped, and... dead. We have services and beds available for those that want them RIGHT NOW. Those that don't can go to Venice, for all I care.

Roger Jul 12, 2021 04:28 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Alot of the homeless are from here why should they be shipped out????Why should veterans be kicked out of paradise after fighting for our freedom in hell? Why should people who worked their whole lives here only to become old or disabled be tossed out after a vlife of serving the wealthy they are unable to anymore...Some of you go too far you not only hate the criminals but you hate the poor, elderly and disabled too people who worked hard all their lives and paid taxes only to become unwell..No the woman who was killed on the freeway was not homeless she was from out of town..I guess housed people shot cut across the freeway too..I think the homeless should stay and be helped the criminals and that includes residents ought to go...

edney Jul 13, 2021 02:26 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

When it came to RR yards way back when, I preferred no nonsense Cheyenne yard to free for all Seattle hump yard. I'd rather be rousted by RR bulls, knocked about by them a bit in Cheyenne than being chased by an iron bar waving crazy person in Seattle over the $5 bill he saw I had.
Cheyenne the cops and bulls made the rules and if you hid out of sight, caused no trouble, no noise, no fires, drew no attention to yourself, they'd leave you alone and go hassle other people. In Seattle it was like Mad Max.
Cheyenne had order, structure, a code. Seattle was jungle rules.
I came out of that experience thinking that structure , order and a code were the things that the good people living a rough life needed to get through. It gave a path out, and it provided some safety. Places like Seattle descended into dystopia early on and quickly got worse

Byzantium Jul 10, 2021 06:37 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

He has chosen to live illegally on the streets. Therefore, that is his chosen "experience" . "Homelessness" has nothing to do with this. He is experiencing the consequences of his own choices. He is also experiencing the consequences of too many decades of our own failed civic responses to growing numbers of transient squatters. Change the language, because current euphanisms continue the problems and set up another round of failure. Been there, done that too many times. The solution is the state and federal government must re-open lock down care institutions - they can triage patients later into other settings, after a period of close observation. Welfare and social services takes care of those not needing institutional care for addictions or mental health issues. Why beat around the bush and keep calling this something that it is not - "experiencing homelessness". Time to beat the bushes and transfer this chronic street population directly to state and federal care institutions - the real estate exists, the government workforce loves expansion, and the money exists, just needs to be re-directed. Staring with this three million dollar " voucher grant". (aka pretend we are doing something)

edney Jul 10, 2021 03:27 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

It is said that 1 in 6 or 15.5% American women will be raped in their lifetime. Amongst homeless women in LA, that number is 13% per year (not lifetime) and over half of those women were raped more than once. These homeless rape statistics include only rapes that were reported to the LAPD. The national statistic is compiled from surveys of women and incldes rapes reported, unreported and also sexual incidents while impaired (including in retrospect too drunk to have given consent.)

By any measure that shows that homeless women face rape at a much much higher rate.
13 women out of 100 raped each year and 7 of those women were raped more than once in the year.
Leaving the encampments in place is facilitating rape. Expensive solutions that only house 30 at a time facilitate rape. Any action that allows homeless encampments to perpetuate is complicit

edney Jul 10, 2021 05:33 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Argue with these people:
"Homelessness is an enormous social problem in the United States. Homeless women — including the 'hidden homeless' — are particularly vulnerable to multiple forms of victimization including forced, coerced, or manipulated sexual activity. Levels of victimization that women endure before, during, and after episodes of homelessness remain enormously high, often occurring in multiple settings at the hands of multiple perpetrators. For example, 92% of a large, racially diverse sample of homeless mothers had experienced severe physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives (Browne & Bassuk, 1997). Thirteen percent of another sample of homeless women reported having been raped in the past 12 months, and half of these women were raped at least twice (Wenzel, et al., 2000)."
vawnet is "an online research library for gender based violence"

edney Jul 10, 2021 05:40 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

I believe I covered your concern with this sentence: "The national statistic is compiled from surveys of women and includes rapes reported, unreported and also sexual incidents while impaired (including in retrospect too drunk to have given consent." Notice how I spoke to the national statistic of 1:6 and then gave the LAPD stat of 13 out of 100 reported being raped.

If the 1:6 number is bogus... I would rather call it "very all emcompassing" then the 13% reported rapes by homeless women statistic is even more grim

a-1625959776 Jul 10, 2021 04:29 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

This is what you get when you have Paul Casey running the city he said he can’t touch the homeless encampments because of safety and legal reasons what is this then? the byproduct

Byzantium Jul 10, 2021 04:33 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Paul Casey carries out city council directives. That was not Paul Casey, calling the shots. It was Mayor Cathy Murillo and her merry band of rubber stamp mischief makers.

sbdude Jul 10, 2021 05:43 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

I wonder if he's a local boy or someone who was experiencing homelessness in another city a year ago. A lot of the transients are labeled "from Santa Barbara" when they just showed up here a few months prior.

PitMix Jul 12, 2021 02:57 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

I have seen them define "being from SB" if their last known address of a domicile was an SB address. If they have never had a local place to live then they don't ever consider them as being from SB. Seems pretty fair to me.

edney Jul 10, 2021 05:58 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

It won't. From LAPD http://www.lapdpolicecom.lacity.org/031219/BPC_19-0073.pdf
Here are the crimes with a homeless suspect that had the biggest increase:
Rape (78 percent increase)
Robbery (64 percent increase)
Aggravated assault (56 percent increase)
Here are the top crimes where a homeless person was victimized:
Robbery (up 89 percent)
Larceny (up 86 percent)
Rape (up 71 percent)

Violent crime and the sheltered homeless.
"Results indicated that homelessness both on the streets and in shelters and psychological symptom severity predicted increases in non-violent crime. Sheltered homelessness and symptom severity predicted increases in violent crime, although street homelessness did not."

Eggs Ackley Jul 10, 2021 06:20 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

“who experiences homelessness” Seriously? Like it’s some sort of mitigating circumstance? His living situation is irrelevant to the crimes. Ricky chose to live on the street; it is his home.

Rypert Johnson Jul 10, 2021 06:56 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Well, get ready for another rousing game of "Find An Excuse!" Let's see what we have on deck, we have racial inequity, economic inequity, ptsd, rough childhood, covid, rising rents, mental illness, rising home prices and police brutality.
The longshot here is bad behavior, which is something bad people are known to partake in and trust me folks, this IS a bad person. I know this is a far fetched concept, but worth a shot.
Meth could also be on the list, but protections for folks like this prohibit that as one of the excuses in the game. Before I forget, I also have to ask, had enough yet?

Roger Jul 11, 2021 03:29 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

And we have people who hate the homeless and poor so much it burns within their soul with a fire that cannot be put out so they lie about them condemn them and push them far far away funny thing is that most of their hateful solutions are against the law.. That is good Maybe those people who don't like the Mayor City Councils solution for the homeless issue should leave. Move somewhere else if you don't like it here all this complaining is not good for their health...Everyone was enjoying themselves maybe they don't like people enjoying themselves. They want everyone to be miserable just like they are...From what I saw the Mayor must be doing a good job..I have not heard of a vegetarian or Brush incident in awhile...Quit Spreading the Hate and the lies.

a-1625972354 Jul 10, 2021 07:59 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

We really need to get back to institutionalizing people a bit more. I don’t know this guy’s story, but there are too many messed up people wandering around making trouble for others.

a-1625986822 Jul 11, 2021 12:00 AM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

7:59 Institutionalizing people? This guy belongs in jail . Rapists aren’t “causing trouble” for others. They are brutally assaulting another person. He belongs in prison.

sbsunshine Jul 10, 2021 08:33 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

City of SB is putting the homeless up in local independent motels/hotels at $100 a night tax free. 20-30 rooms at a time. Nice contracts. Fascinating that the homeless get freebies and pay zero taxes and yet, homeowners who pay taxes, are a positive contribution to our society, take wonderful care of their properties and volunteer can't rent their extra guest room via AirBNB. Everything is backwards. And, when is SB going to take care of the urine stains up and down State Street and in the stairwells and corners and parking garages????? When are the hanging baskets going to up line State Street and Coast Village so things are beautiful? I had family come to visit and they were "this is gross, dirty, scummy, ghetto" regarding State Street and the parking garages. New leadership is needed. People that know how to run a business, balance budgets, run P&L's, nurture the tourism industry and business. Even the Mission and other public areas look tired. Upper Village in Montecito which supposed to be upscale and classy barely can grow a plant in a pot. Is it that people don't care any more and don't put love and care into things? How about giving the homeless a job cleaning in exchange for the free rooms? What structures are in place to make them contributors verses bleeding heart give them freebies. The truth is "teach a man to fish", not throw him free fish.

ChillinGrillin Jul 10, 2021 09:28 PM
Homeless Man Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder

Look at all these blowhards in the comments making broad strokes with the stereotype brush. As soon as a homeless person does something they flock here to use it to make a point. What absolutely sickening behavior. Do we do the same when a Hispanic gang member stabs someone? When a kid in Isla Vista causes mayhem? When a middle-aged white man scams seniors with investment fraud? No, because their evils do not accurately reflect their peers. For every homeless person causing problems there are many others just trying to get by. One got hired part time as a night guard at the small business a block over from me. Another works doubles as a mechanic and cook living out of their van with a wife and two young kids. Two others were without doubt the kindest and most intelligent individuals I've met in my life. Far better than all of the nitwits on these comment sections put together. Shame on you.


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