Hollister Class I Bike Construction Update

Hollister Class I Bike Path Project  title=
Hollister Class I Bike Construction Update
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As you know if you’ve been in the Hollister Class I Bike Path project area (Hollister Avenue from Pacific Oaks to Ellwood School), work has begun. Over the next few weeks, you can expect more work in the median. The contractor will be demolishing the existing median, installing new irrigation and starting the process to make the median look aesthetically pleasing. The traffic control will stay in its current configuration through the end of June.

We are currently working with MTD to find temporary locations for the bus stops on the south side of Hollister Avenue for when the project moves into Phase 2 in July. More information will be provided once the locations are finalized.

For a complete project timeline and more information please visit the project page at http://tinyurl.com/HollisterClassI

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