Holiday Increase in Stolen Packages and Vehicles

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

Information Bulletin-Stolen Vehicles

The Santa Barbara Police Department would like to remind the public to lock their vehicles and remove any potential spare keys from visible areas inside or around the vehicle. The Santa Barbara Police Department has investigated 78 vehicle thefts since 07/01/19, 41 of which were reported since 09/01/19

See the below crime prevention tips:

  • Remove valuables from your vehicle and remove hide-a-keys.
  • Do not leave your car running and unattended, even for a short time.
  • Contact the Police if you witness suspicious activity, especially activity in and around parking lots or neighborhoods.
  • When able, park in well-lit areas.
  • Install safety features in your vehicle.
  • Close your windows.
  • In the event your vehicle is stolen, please contact local law enforcement immediately and provide the year, make, model, and license plate number, as well as a timeframe for the theft of the vehicle. It is important to also contact your car insurance provider to make them aware of the theft.

 Information Bulletin-Package Thefts

As we know, with our holiday season approaching, there is a natural increase in online ordering and doorstep deliveries. Unfortunately, local suspects are also very aware and may turn their attention to your neighborhood. Below are some helpful suggestions to deter package theft from happening to you:

  • Always track your shipment online.
  • Request a delivery service hold your package for pick-up at their facility.
  • Ship packages to your place of employment, if permitted by your employer.
  • Choose a shipping option that requires a signature for delivery.
  • Install Wi-Fi enabled cameras to provide alerts as well as motion sensor lighting.
  • Install a secured mailbox or package lockbox.
  • Report suspicious subjects to your local law enforcement.


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Lucky 777 Nov 21, 2019 09:10 AM
Holiday Increase in Stolen Packages and Vehicles

It would help if the USPS would bother to walk all the way up a driveway and leave packages on a porch, concealed from the street view, like UPS and FedEX usually do. Instead the USPS toss things into driveways where they are easily a temptation for thieves. Unfortunately this is the time of year when all the delivery services hire their seasonal workers, who work against the clock and presumably have even less training and work ethic.

a-1574374331 Nov 21, 2019 02:12 PM
Holiday Increase in Stolen Packages and Vehicles

Eminence Threat- Our Mail Carrier cannot even get the mail in the correct box and leaves packages in the street all year long. They don’t come into driveways because they are worried about being mistaken for a stalker, that is the most ridiculous comment. They don’t come to front doors because they simply don’t care.
I know a lot of “ seasonal workers” who are way better than the regular employees

RHS Nov 22, 2019 11:15 AM
Holiday Increase in Stolen Packages and Vehicles

Everybody wants service but few will pay for it. The Congress has been strangling the Postal Service economically for years and people demand cheap rates. The Postal Service is left to deliver mail to any home in the US for the same rate while its "competitors" cherry pick the lucrative routes and us the Postal Service to carry their deliveries to other places. These companies also exploit workers and do not offer them benefits such as retirement. So the next time you take a shot at the workers who delivers your mail please consider the pressure they face. And Happy Holiday Greetings to you too.

a-1574450487 Nov 22, 2019 11:21 AM
Holiday Increase in Stolen Packages and Vehicles

We tip our postman. He earns it. We live up a hill and like the wonderful guy he is, our postman leaves larger packages right at our front door. Want better service? That’s our tip for you.

Flicka Nov 21, 2019 10:30 AM
Holiday Increase in Stolen Packages and Vehicles

Our USPS man always brings our packages to our door. Since our door is usually wide open (no screen) he will even set things just inside the house. If it's cold and the door is closed he knocks to let us know he's dropped off packages.

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