Hit and Run in a Stolen Vehicle

Hit and Run in a Stolen Vehicle title=
Hit and Run in a Stolen Vehicle
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(Photos by John Palminteri of KEYT)

Update by John Palminteri of KEYT News

Two vehicles were damaged Thursday morning in a double hit and run on Ortega Street near De la Vina.  The owner of one of the vehicles chased the suspect who was driving a Toyota 4-runner until it was disabled at the dead end by Highway 101.  Witnesses say the driver then got out, grabbed a bike out of the back and took off.  Police are investigating.  They say the vehicle involved was stolen in Ventura.

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Reported hit and run at Ortega and De La Vina Streets. The suspect left the scene on a white road bicycle, described as a Hispanic adult male (HMA) dressed all in black wearing a black beret, and backpack. The vehicle he was driving is stolen.

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ZeroHawk Nov 15, 2018 08:36 AM
Hit and Run in a Stolen Vehicle

i live across the street from this scene....happened at about 630am as my alarm went off. heard a loud screech from tires, a bang, then silence. walked my girls to the bus stop and saw several SBPD on scene as well as John Palmintiri. Really had no idea what happened, glad this was posted!

Luvaduck Nov 15, 2018 10:14 AM
Hit and Run in a Stolen Vehicle

It would be nice if they could get his DNA from the car and match it with a sample taken the last time he was arrested.

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